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Review of “The Book of Knowledge” by BJ Penn

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Written By Last Ronin

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So you want to get a mixed martial arts book, but aren’t really sure which one would be the best.  That’s totally understandable with the hundreds of books sitting on the shelves at your local bookstore, meaning that picking one is going to be a bit overwhelming.  The good thing about buying a book though is getting to look at the reviews and hear what others have got to say about it.  Now I have read a lot of books in my time and my martial arts library is pretty fat, but out of all of the ones I own I would definitely say that my BJ Penn book is one that everyone needs in their library.

Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge by BJ Penn is a wonderful book for both beginners as well as advanced students.  BJ Penn is a true champion and ambassador of the sport, so why wouldn’t you want to know what he has to say?  This book is pretty comprehensive in what it covers and gives you just enough to get a little taste of what MMA is about.  Now don’t expect to be the future champion just from reading this book.  BJ’s book is a tool to be used alongside your training, and not the end all resource that is going to make you a black belt.

This book is broken down nicely into the various chapters of striking and ground game.  It has a good intro that discusses BJ and training, as well as talks about the various conditioning routines that he recommends (all which are good for beginners).  The rest of the book is broken down as follows:

The Stand Up Game

  •     Stance
  •     Striking
  •     Striking to the Takedown
  •     Counter Attacks
  •     Countering the Takedown
  •     The Clinch
  •     Fighting Against the Cage
  •     Striking the Down Guard

The Ground Game

  •     Fighting from the Downed Guard
  •     Guard Top
  •     Guard Bottom
  •     Half Guard
  •     Side Control
  •     Mount
  •     The Back

While this book isn’t going to teach you every little trick and technique you need to know it is going to teach you enough to get going and give you something to add to your everyday training.  If you are looking for a great book to get you started then you definitely should pick up Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge.  

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