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The Christmas Martial Arts Gift Buying Guide

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Written By Last Ronin

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As a martial artist Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to swap out some of your old nasty gear for some new MMA Gear. There are a lot of great products on the market right now like we mentioned on our first MMA Gear Christmas list and if you are looking to get something for that martial artist on your list then I will show you the place and roughly how much you are going to have to shell out. If you are looking for a Gi, MMA shorts, MMA gloves, head gear, and more then make sure to continue reading this Christmas martial arts buying guide.


Top Gifts for Martial Artists


  • MMA Shorts – There a loads of different brands and styles of MMA shorts on the market, however the two that I would recommend are the Sprawl Fusion 2 shorts or the Dethrone Anticrown Fight Shorts. Sprawl has been making shorts since 2002 and their Fusion 2 are the latest in their line. For roughly $62 you can have these shorts sitting under your tree for Christmas morning. The Dethrone Anticrown Shorts are a pretty decent pair of shorts too and for a little less (roughly $55 ) they can be yours for Christmas. The Dethrone company supports some big name UFC guys, so you can bet that if the shorts are good enough for the UFC then they are good enough for you.


  • Hayabusa Rash Guard – A rash guard is a very important piece of equipment for training no Gi and MMA. It keeps your opponents sweat from getting all over your body, reducing the risk for diseases to get spread on the mat. A Hayabusa rash guard costs around $60 at various online retailers and will last you a good long time. These little babies are pretty popular among the MMA community and its easy to see why if you just look at the cool designs.


  • Fairtex Training MMA Gloves – A good pair of training will save you a lot of trouble and prevent some hand injuries. If you are going to be sparring or hitting the bag frequently then you NEED a durable pair of gloves. Fairtex has manufactured quality gloves for a number of years and many fighters and Muay Thai specialists swear by these gloves. They are going to run you $100, but will last a long time and that is what you want when buying gloves.


  • PunchTown MMA Gloves – You aren’t going to be a complete fighter unless you have a solid pair of MMA gloves to use. The PunchTown MMA Gloves are an awesome pair and come equipped with high density protection and a dual locking wrist strap. For only $65 you can make these MMA gloves yours for Christmas.
  • Zombie Kimono – The last item on my list is a Zombie 550 White Gi which costs $150 on their website. It features a EVA foam collar for fast drying, rip stop pants with a 6 loop tie system, and double, reinforced stitching; plus it is competition legal so you don’t have to worry about buying a different gi for tournaments. This gi is probably one of the coolest ones I’ve seen out there on the market, plus it is pretty affordable. This company does pre-orders, so you just have to get a hold of them to get your name on the list.


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