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UFC 140 round by round results

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Hominick vs. Jung

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Not much to write about there…wow. The Korean Zombie reigns supreme. Hominick left the foot in the bucket as they say. Tied for the quickest KO in UFC history!

Result: Jung wins by KO

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Tito Ortiz

Round 1—Both guys look very steady coming in.  Great kick for Tito start followed up by a nice uppercut.  Nice dirty boxing by Tito trying to wear him down.  Little Nog lands a left hook followed by a barrage of punches about 3:30 in.  Knee by Little Nog crumbles Tito.  Ortiz is able to pull guard and defend intelligently for a bit.  Devastating  assortment of  fists and elbows by Minotauro, namely to Ortiz’ ribs force a stoppage from Yves Lavigne in Round 1. 

Result—Nogueira via TKO



Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir
Round 1—21 pound advantage for Mir in a heavyweight fight.  Good jab by Nog with a takedown attempt negated by Mir.  Up against the cage in the clinch for a little while and some dirty boxing by both.  Frank succeeds in a takedown and into half guard, but quickly gets back up, and back to some dirty boxing.  Huge jab combo by Nog lands Mir in a world of hurt, and Mir desparately clings to life as Nog lands some big punches. 
Almost looks like Mir is out, so Nog goes for a guillotine choke.  Somehow Mir reverses and ends up on top and breaks the choke.  Mir slips into side control with a 2 on 1 on Nog’s right arm just when it looks like Nog is going to get guard back.  Mir goes for the kimura and Nog rolls, Frank rolls with him with the lock still tightly in place.  Mir uses his great strength to put Nog’s arm all the way behind his back, and the fight is ended when you see Nog’s shoulder literally snap from the kimura.  Instant replay not for the faint of heart.  Use the DVR at your own discretion. 
Result—Mir via TKO in Round 1


Light Heavyweight Championship
Lyoto Machida v. Jon “Bones” Jones

Round 1—Both men feeling each other for the first minute or so.  Not a lot of action.  Both fighters going out of the southpaw stance.  Bones goes for a combo and is immediately countered by Bones who backs off.  Machida with a solid counter jab.  Another  solid counter jab by Machida that momentarily rocks Bones.  Jones definitely fighting on the outside.  Jones the aggressor, but Machida gets off the more solid round with punches. 
MMAZone score Round 1—Machida 10-9


Round 2
Bones unable to get anything going as Machida’s so far figured out his range.  Jones seems a little frustrated by the countering.  Jones gets off a good right jab, and gets the takedown and gets a huge elbow to the forehead cutting Machida.  Big John McCarthy stops the fight to let the Doc take a look.  An absolutely vicious gash on Machida.  With about a minute left, they simultaneously throw lefts with Jones’ landing first, wobbling Machida.  Jones gives a knee to the ribs and instantly locks up a standing guillotine until Big John McCarthy stops it, in which Machida immediately collapses to the ground out cold.

Result—Jones by submission at 4:26 of the 2nd round.

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