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MMA Mount Grappling Drill

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Over at Jeff Joslin’s blog he wrote a terrific on a mount grappling drill.  Most of us have experienced the basic grappling drill where you start off in a mounting position on top of your training partner.  You then have a specific amount of time and the fighter on the bottom works to free themselves and the one on mount works to keep the mount position.  When the time period is over the one who stayed in their starting position the most will win the drill.  This is a pretty basic drill in any wrestling practice that yields a great deal of learning and understanding on the part of the wrestler’s in the drill.

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However, there are ways that you can shake this MMA Training drill up and make it more challenging and this is the part of the post that got my attention.  Jeff points out 4 different variation that you can do to spice things up when the original drill gets boring.  A couple of them are: Have the person on mount apply a submission hold as opposed to staying mounted.  The second variation is allowing the person on bottom to score when they get to 1/2 guard rather then to a full escape.  Third, is to switch and change the amount of time of the drills duration.  Fourth and last is to allow for a point system.   You can see the full article to see an example Jeff gives.

Anyway, this is a great article to catch so take a look at it here: MMA mount grappling Drill.

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