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2 Hot MMA Shorts Added

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Some of the hottest items right now are from the Sprawl and Jaco brands and along with that we have also added a couple pair of MMA shorts to our MMA Shorts section.  Both these shorts are great looking shorts but are also fully functional in the ring or octagon whether you are in a tournament, event, or match.

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The Sprawl/Century MMA shorts are some of the most unique shorts out on the market right now.  Both Sprawl and Century MMA put their teams together and worked on coming up with the best MMA short they could create without any limits and this is their creation.  You can check out more here: Sprawl MMA Fight Shorts.

The second pair of shorts we added was from the Jaco brand.  This is the first item we have added that is from the Jaco brand so we would like to know what you think about them in the comments below.  These shorts actually have a very comfortable waist like they mention in the description.  Most MMA shorts say this in their description but feel like crap but these actually are comfortable.  To check out there sold MMA shorts you can take a look here: MMA Fights Shorts by Jaco

If you have either of these two shorts please let us know what you think about them in the comments below. Also mention what items would you like to see in the Martial Arts store if it’s not already there?

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