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3 MMA Fighters Who Will Make It Big In 2012

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Erik KochErik Koch

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There is a very good interview here done by Erik “New Breed” Koch.  This rangy featherweight has all the tools required to cement himself as a title contender. He’s got a terrific reach advantage over most foes, slick counter punching, shocking speed, terrific head movement and solid take-down defense. That’s just about all you can ask for, but just to accentuate my point I’ll note the trio of brutal knockouts he’s delivered. This kid is two or three fights away from a shot at gold, and the only true test he must be subjected to prior to his bid, is a bout with a remarkable wrestler.

Constantinos Philippou

Philippou has been in the game for just over three years. In that time he’s honed some superb boxing talent, and he’s got a mac truck worth of power in his fists. I expect we’ll see Philippou continue to get comfortable within the confines of the octagon, all the while rounding out his game, which is a nightmare: anyone with the punching power of Philippou is terrifying, seal up any holes in his overall game and you’re looking at a human wrecking machine.

John Cholish

Ever since John Cholish’s amazing kneebar submission over Marc Stevens at Strikeforce “Fedor vs. Silva”, MMA pundits cannot cease to talk about this kid. Known for his intense dedication to training and learning the game, Cholish looks like he’s going to be an amazing commodity at lightweight. He’s already got a deep bag of tricks despite having only nine (8-1) professional fights under his belt, and his ceiling looks ridiculously high; this may be a true threat to the title in just a few years’ time.

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