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True Villans Of Mixed Martial Arts

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A Look At MMA’s Bad Guy’s

In this sport, there are guys who act “bad”, which I can only chalk up to an attempt to intimidate potential foes, and then there are guys who truly are bad. And I don’t mean bad as in synonymous with tough, I mean bad as in synonymous with vile, despicable human beings. We’re talking guys who will break every rule in the book to win inside the cage (including a razor blade inside the UFC MMA gloves), and break every rule outside of the cage just for entertainment value. Some may call them antagonists, some may call them heels, I keep it real simple and call them as I see them: these are the villains of MMA.

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Cheick Kongo

Even though he looks like a chiseled out Greek god, Kongo isn’t out to be a classy guy. He’s not out to showcase professionalism or sportsmanship either for that matter. Kongo has taken on the moniker “Cup” Cheick Kongo by many fans due to hi tendency to throw intentional knees to his opponents’ family jewels and even in his MMA training sessions. What’s worse, he likes to then brag about it. This is not a guy you want to clinch with.

Joe Son

I recall feeling for Joe as Keith Hackney pummeled away at his groin back at UFC 4. Now knowing that he took part in the gang rape of a woman four years prior to his professional debut, I don’t echo that same sentiment. I don’t need to say much more, there is no room for rapists in this business.

Gilbert Yvel

Gilbert is the OG version of MMA’s “bad boys”, unfortunately, he just doesn’t know where to draw the line when engaging in improper conduct. The man has knocked a referee unconscious, intentionally gouged the eyes of Don Frye, and even taken a page from Mike Tyson’s book, biting an opponent or so. While he’s cleaned his act up as of late, this is an unpredictable fellow willing to dish out bodily harm that could potentially have long term ramifications.

Mike Kyle

I could definitely be wrong, but I’m confident in saying that Mike Kyle probably idolizes Gilbert Yvel. The man just cannot seem to control himself inside the cage. His list of infractions is size-able and includes the attempted mauling of Brian Olsen post-bell sounding (it’s an unbelievable spectacle that I suggest you seek out), biting Wes Sims and more dirty antics delivered to Travis Wiuff. Kyle is little more than another loose cannon.

Lee Murray

Now locked up for pulling a massive heist, Lee Murray won’t be competing as a professional anytime soon, and that’s probably a good thing: it was only a matter of time before his street life spilled over into the cage. This man has been a part of so many shady incidents it’s almost unbelievable. Murray’s been involved in numerous street fights, including an instance in which he supposedly knocked Tito Ortiz out cold, and one in which he was stabbed, flat lined, and eventually revived. Toss some kidnapping ties in there and you’re looking at a very bad man.

Gerard Gordeau

Gerard was a rangy savateur who seemed to believe cheating was the key to success. Having only competed in a handful of MMA bouts, Gerard has more than bent the rules just about every time out. Not only was Gordeau a known biter, he even showcased enough gall to chomp on Royce Gracie at UFC 1. Unfortunately, opponents must have learned to keep an eye on Gerard’s teeth, as he began resorting to other malicious methods, like the eye gouging that left Yuki Nakai partially blind. Any day a man like this doesn’t fight, is a good day, in my opinion.

Brett Rogers

Having been married for more than a decade, I know how stressful things can get behind closed doors. Lord knows I’ve thought of choking my wife on an occasion or two, however, I draw the line at the thought, and take myself to a rundown shack of a bar to drink away my animosity. You just don’t put your hands on women. Apparently Brett was subjected to some early misguidance, as he decided it would be fine and dandy to choke his wife out, before rearranging her face with his fists. Again, if you’re taking your frustrations out on women, you need to face justice. Unfortunately I don’t really consider the 60 day jail sentence Rogers received as justice.

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