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The Year’s Standout Personality

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In a sport known for its excessive violence and countless alpha male personalities, it’s nice to discover a fighter who possesses a genuinely kind heart and endearing attitude away from the cage. It’s not the most common of occurrences, but it does happen every now and then, and one need only look to heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos for proof.

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This year fans got the chance to see plenty of dos Santos’s personality shine through, as he coached the thirteenth season of “The Ultimate Fighter”, opposite former heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar. During the shows airing dos Santos proved himself a caring coach with a big heart and an understanding of the fighter’s mindset. He also showcased a great sense of humor (at one point Ramsey Nijem even dry humped dos Santos while engaging in some friendly banter, to which dos Santos simply pushed Nijem off, all the while laughing heartily) and a desire to connect with the shows contestants. In regards to pure personality, JDS is the most approachable and likeable man to ever coach on the popular reality show.

But Junior’s charm extends far beyond The Ultimate Fighter. This is a man who comes from humble beginnings, and hasn’t forgotten so for a minute. The man fights with the sole goal of bettering his life and the lives of his fellow family members. He’s not sweating and bleeding for the reward of fame, he’s doing so to ensure a stable future, and given his warm demeanor, he’s enjoying every moment of it.

There’s a sense of irony to all of this of course. Dos Santos is now world renown for his unforgiving aggression and (nearly) unrivaled punching power. We’re talking about a man eager to attempt decapitation with nothing more than his fists, and when he points across the octagon at his opponents, and signals a meeting at the center of the octagon, you can bet his foes are more than aware of his intentions. It’s amazing to know that very same man would happily share a conversation over a cold one with a fan, or toss a football with that same fan’s child. Junior is, quite simply put, the epitome of a protagonist in what many feel is a sport tailor made for the natural antagonist.

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