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I Want To Become An MMA Fighter

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“My name is Jason G. A.K.A the playboy, A.K.A code blue. I’m a former pro boxer and I need great management as I become a pro in MMA. I’m 6’5 240 from the Bronx whats my next move?”
  -  Jason G.

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Jason, although you are a professional boxer, making the jump to MMA will require a great deal of learning and training. Your hand skills will help you a lot, but now you’ll have to join a MMA school and focus on learning Muay Thai, which involves using your hands, elbows, feet, and knees as strikes. You will also have to be a well-rounded fighter when it comes to Jiu-jitsu, which is Brazilian wrestling, grappling, and submission moves. Learning all this, along with doing specific conditioning and power drills that MMA fighters use, will help you reach your goal.

Along with the training, you’ll have to learn the rules of being a MMA fighter, too.

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