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Will Dan Henderson Beat Fedor Emelianenko?

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Dan Henderson is not only the modern day equivalent to the Running Man, he’s also as tough as any human being on the face of earth. This man can take a trouncing like no other, and often manages to rebound and snag impressive victories. Given his low-key demeanor, and I’d-share-a-beer-with-you-anytime attitude, Dan has painted himself as one of the coolest men competing in mixed martial arts today.

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Dan Henderson’s Career

The fact that his career, which spans nearly 15 years, has been as remarkably impressive as it has, speaks volumes. Given his ability to bounce back and forth between weight divisions and find success against some of the most dangerous opponents imaginable, including much larger men, only solidifies “Hendo” as one of the greatest fighters to ever compete.

While not always the most consistent, Dan Henderson knows how to win, and win big. In fact, the man’s last four victories have provided some spectacular finishes and memorable wars: “Hendo” left Renato Sobral an unconscious mess in under two minutes; He fought three months later and pummeled Rafael Cavalcante into third round submission. A monumental clash would follow just four months later, when he was assigned the task of tangling with longtime heavyweight king, Fedor Emelianenko. The bout was a burn burner from the jump, as Emelianenko attempted to decapitate Henderson in the early minutes. A frenetic pace however gave way to some awkward scrambles, and Dan Henderson took advantage of an opening as the first round came to a closure: “Hendo” landed a tricky uppercut from the pack position that left the Russian in a world of hurt. Moments later and the bout was halted, Dan Henderson emerging the victor.

Is Henderson A Superior Fighter?

With that win (another would follow, over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in a fight most recognize as the best fight of 2011) many eyebrows were inadvertently raised: could Dan Henderson be the true superior fighter to the beloved Fedor Emelianenko? That question will ever truly be able to receive answer: these two weren’t fortunate enough to meet in their primes. By today’s account however, MMA’s true workhorse, Dan Henderson is undoubtedly the better fighter.

Will fair-weather fans choose to recognize that fact? Only the future holds those answers.

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