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Top 10 Apps in 2012 for MMA Training

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Before you get in the ring – get a taste for the real thing!

Fans of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) are passionate about their sport and its athletes—so much so that many want to move from pure spectator to MMA fighter. MMA training is evolving constantly as coaches and athletes improve training and nutrition techniques. However, if you’re new to MMA training, you might be overwhelmed trying to keep up with the excess information and advice available to you.

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That is why I’ve put together this handy Top Apps for 2012 for MMA Training list where you can find all of the pertinent information to help you train for the basics, learn new techniques, ensure you’re getting the proper protein and nutrients to build muscle, and to hear about the latest and greatest news in the MMA area, as long as you have a data plan!  If you are a Droid user you can check out the Best 6 MMA Droid Apps.

Check out and download the following Top Apps in 2012 for MMA Training to get in the fighting mood:

1. MMA Grappling ($1.99)

Getting bear-hugged by a renowned MMA grappler like Georges St. Pierre can mark the end of your first fight pretty fast! You can have the best strike skills around, but it won’t matter once the grappler gets you in his or her grips. The MMA Grappling app can teach you how to successfully outmaneuver and overcome a grappler using proven Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques.

2. Dietician-iP ($7.99)

Having macro and micro nutrient information is vital for those trying to maintain top MMA form. Dietician-iP puts more than 1000 food items at your fingertips thanks to professional dieticians so you’re sure to get the proper nutrition to fuel your MMA workouts—and prevent injury and illness.

3. MMA Ground and Pound ($1.99)

This MMA-approved app is backed by popular MMA Coach, Sayif Saud, who guides newbies through his own comprehensive, no-nonsense training plan for MMA glory. Saud puts elite MMA fighting techniques at your fingertips, including his professional knowledge and passion for the sport. After you download this app, you will move through Saud’s recommended, progressive-style training plans. It’s almost like having a professional MMA coach by your side.

4. MMA Subs ($3.99)

It’s nice to get some advice from a professional every now and then. In this case, you’ll be getting the guidance of Jamie “El Cucui” Jara, the “Boogeyman” himself who’s held MMA titles in 4 different weight divisions: Heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, and welterweight. That’s not too shabby, huh? MMA Subs is meant to guide MMA beginners through El Cucui’s proven and winning techniques.

5. Muscle Gainer – Protein Tracker ($2.99)

Introducing iStore’s first protein tracker—created exclusively for athletes who want to gain muscle weight from a high protein diet. And if you’ve been training in the gym for some time, but not seeing results, this protein tracker app will help ensure you are getting the proper protein intake for muscle building. Based on consuming a gram of protein per pound of body weight each day, this app will ensure you are ripped before your first weigh in.

6. MMA Strikes ($3.99)

MMA Strikes does just that—this app features approximately 50 videos that visually teach you step-by-step how to throw a proper punch, elbow, kick, knee, and properly defend yourself against pro MMA fighter offensives.

7. Nutrition Complete ($4.99)

Backed by the professionalism of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this isn’t your standard nutrition app. It features a database of valuable nutrition information, a calorie counter and customizes your diet based on your age, weight, and gender to ensure you’re eating right and getting adequate nutrition on a daily basis.

8. MMA Timer ($0.99)

This official MMA timer is based on the one used in real MMA fights. Not only is it an extremely training tool if you are serious about a future in the MMA world—it has a user-friendly interface timed to give you a sense of the real MMA experience.

9. Eight Glasses a Day ($0.99)

This app begins your water count every day to ensure you’re getting the proper hydration. And if you workout, you can customize this app to reflect your weight and activity level so that you don’t burn out mid-workout. Simply keep track by touching a virtual glass of water each time you drink a real glass.

10. MMA Torch (Free)

Get your daily dose of MMA news with MMA Torch—one of the best sources of MMA coverage available—keeping you up-to-date on the latest and greatest developments in the MMA world.

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