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Fighting To Keep MMA & Cage Fighting Legal

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The state of Wisconsin is in the midst of a big fight, however this fight is outside the cage.  It is amazing how many states in the U.S. are still fighting to legally have MMA in their towns and states.  When we as a nation have so much more on our plate why are we spending time and money on two guy or girls choosing to get into a ring and beat each other up?  They are both adults and they both know the ramifications of their actions and that they could possibly not be stepping out.  However, let’s spend out time as a nation focusing on much larger issues then this.

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With the largest platform of political turmoil on the topic of legalized cage fighting is definitely in New York City.  The UFC has been fighting to legalize them bringing their show to the big city.

Controversial bill that could make MMA illegal in Wisconsin

What are your thoughts on places that still haven’t legalized MMA?

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