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Steroids Fill The UFC MMA News

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Over the past 5 years it seems that the use of steroids by the fighters in the UFC & MMA has exploded in the news.  Maybe this is because more fighters are actually using steroids or maybe it is the fact that MMA has grown so much in popularity that fans actually hear about it more often.  Whichever the case steroid use has become a problem.

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Steroids Fill The UFC MMA News

As a fan we demand a lot from the men and women who step into the cage.  We demand exciting fights and ask the athletes to put an enormous amount of strain on their bodies in order to preform on a regular basis.  It shouldn’t come as such a surprise when we hear that our favorite fighter gets caught with a performance enhancing drug.  In order for the fighters to compete on a regular basis they have to go above and beyond the normal realm of training and find some sort of substance to keep them running on all cylinders.  The fans of Mixed Martial Arts hold some responsibility for the use of steroids within Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC.

Another factor causing an increase in steroid use is the rise in popularity of MMA and the UFC.  The fighters who are currently on that elite level are forced to perform at their best or face being cut after only a few losses.  For a fighter trying to feed his or her family this can be devastating, because the pay days are going to be much less than before.  The UFC is a prime time money maker, raking in millions  of dollars in pay per view and in ticket sales so they have to make sure that each card is exciting so fans want to watch.  Both money and fame as well as the desire to become the next UFC champ are both factors in why we see more steroid use as of late.

Ultimately the greatest determining factor in the use of steroids is the athlete him or herself.  The desire for greatness and the drive to become the champion of whatever organization they are fighting in causes an athlete to break down and take the risk with steroids.  As long as there is pressure to perform and money to be made we will continue to see steroid use in MMA and the UFC.

As a society we need to hold the top level athletes to a higher standard and not be so forgiving when they turn to performance enhancing drugs.  What message are we sending to the young UFC fans out there and the kids training in MMA dreaming about becoming the next champ?  “It’s ok to use steroids as long as you are making lots of money.”  You are telling them that true skill isn’t as important as getting to the finish line as fast as you can.  You are telling them it is ok to cheat.  UFC & MMA needs to clean up its!  Act and the UFC needs to issue harsher punishments in order to keep steroid us to a minimum and hopefully eliminate it all together.

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