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From Street Fighter To MMA Fighter

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“I wanna become a mma fighter no experience just street fight a month at hukckubas next generation mma in Sacramento CA til it was shut down with no prior notice. Very determined I’m 23 I train 3 hours a day I know I need a lot more training but money is a major issue so I do every thing I can to be the best at natomas golds gym very limit mma equipment . Is there any advice on gyms or suggestions until next generation finds a new location. Any advice appreciated.”     - Roberto


There are always things you can do to get around having limited money or equipment to train with to become an MMA fighter. First – cardio conditioning – running is great and free and buy a jump rope, which is inexpensive. You can also purchase DVD’s that are geared toward MMA training, like Georges’ St. Pierre’s Rush Fit, Randy Couture Training DVD, Burn w/ Kearns Grappling Specific Conditioning DVD, and others.

For conditioning and endurance try DVD’s, like Insanity and P90X2. Not only are these great DVD’s, but you can make payment arrangements over a few months. If you money is really so tight that you can’t afford any DVD’s at this time, maybe you have some friends you could borrow their DVD’s or go to the library and check them out for a few days. If you can afford a service like Netflix you can order these types of DVD’s for a small monthly fee.

If you already go to Gold’s gym, even if the equipment is limited, you can find several programs on the Internet that will show you have to get in fantastic shape by using limited weights or just your own body weight. If you have friends who can train with you, get them to hold pads for you to strike and kick. You can also grapple with them to practice your Jiu-jitsu.

These things will help you until you can get back to a MMA school.
Answer By: Jillian Bullock

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