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Nick Diaz: Is He The Most Overrated Fighter in MMA?

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Mixed Martial Arts is just like other sports business; full of hype and all about making money. Some fighters in the UFC are all about the hype, the smack talk, and either can or can’t back it up. Nick Diaz just happens to be one of those fighters who is all about the talk, but cannot seem to walk the walk.  Many people tout Diaz as one of the best boxers in MMA and a top contender in the welterweight division, however he hasn’t defeated top level guys even though he has fought several.

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Nick DiazThe first time Diaz was in the UFC he fought against Karo Parisyan, Diego Sanchez, Joe Riggs, and Sean Sherk, all of who he lost to. Once he made it to Strikeforce he defeated a list of no bodies and eventually became the welterweight champion of the organization. Many Diaz fans will argue that he is a top 10 guy, however all you need to do is look at his record and see that he has only fought mid level guys. How can you be a top 10 Mixed Martial Arts fighter if you have never defeated current top 10 fighters.

Latest Meltdown by Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz’s latest debacle in the UFC just goes to show how over rated he really is. After he defeated Paul Daley to regain his Strikeforce title, Dana White decided to bring him back to the UFC, because that’s what fans wanted to see. White offered Diaz an immediate title shot against the current UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. The stage was set, fighters were training, and both media and fans were preparing for one of the most exciting welterweight match ups that had been made in a while. Weeks before the fight was set to take place Diaz didn’t show up for a press conference and Dana White decided to pull him from the title fight (giving it to Carlos Condit instead). Diaz was then given BJ Penn to fight, in order to prove himself to the organization. After the dust settled and Nick beat BJ (who was on his way out) the UFC gave him an interim fight with Carlos Condit.

There was an enormous amount of hype for this fight and the media was predicting Nick to win big over Condit. Analysts continued to talk about his boxing and how tough he was, and how he was such a good representation for the sport. Nick Diaz demonstrated to the public his martial arts prowess by flipping off his opponent and fan and talking down to him as well in the weeks leading up to the match.

Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz

The actual fight was one to be remembered as Carlos Condit out boxed, and out classed Diaz for five rounds using his superior strategy to take the win. It was a controversial victory because the MMA community is very fickle and if you don’t press forward and knock your opponent around then they feel there is no victory. Carlos Condit demonstrated quality footwork and knowledge necessary to outmaneuver Nick Diaz. After the fight Nick voiced his opinion about how the fight was whack, and how he didn’t get paid enough, and finished with a statement of retirement.

Quality MMA Fighters

The UFC and MMA is packed with quality opponents and top level guys; Nick Diaz isn’t one of them. As a fan of the sport we can only hope that he takes his retirement seriously and leaves MMA to the real athletes.

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5 Comments For This Post

  1. riz Says:

    what an ignorant, biased article! no one can match nick’s hands in his div and he showed it against bj penn and tried to against the “running man” condit?! took condits back with ease and beat him in rounds 1,2 and 5. hate on because nick will always be an intriguing and one of the most watched fighters today.

  2. Tony Thacker Says:

    Hey Riz,
    I do agree with your statement that Nick will always be an intriguing and watched fighters in the UFC. I think the point that James was trying to make in the article is that Nick was suppose to dominate over Condit but he didn’t. I agree with your that he has some of the best hands in the division and he didn’t get much of a chance to show them in the fight. If I had the choice between two UFC tickets one with Nick fighting the other with Condit you better believe that I am going to be sitting in the front row seat watching Nick. But Why?
    Thanks for your comment and valid points

  3. riz Says:

    Thanks Tony!
    Sure back in his early UFC days a very young nick lost a lot of big fights because the clock was his worst enemy. I first ganed respect for him as a fighter when he KO’d the always dangerous striker in Robbie Lawler. Nick showed that he can trade with the best strikers in the biz and win. Nick would be unstoppable if he had better wrestling but his striking and BJJ are top notch.

  4. CSC Memorabilia Says:

    I wouldn’t say he is the most overrated. He usually exceeds expectations, so I would say, if anything, that for the majority of his fighting career, he has been underrated.

  5. Tony Thacker Says:

    @csc I agree and think you have a very valid point. I can’t wait until Nick’s next fight because I always know there is going to be some sort of drama around the fight. Not necessarily in the fight but around it.

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