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How To Get Quality MMA Gear At The Lowest Possible Price!

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Now, if you are anything like me you absolutely love training in MMA, but hate paying high prices to get the MMA Gear you need to do so not to mention the gym fees!

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Any martial artist or mixed martial artist knows first hand just how expensive MMA gear and training apparel really is. To get started you can easily drop several hundred dollars purchasing gloves (MMA, boxing, & sparring), hand wraps, head gear, shin guards, cup, mouth guard, shorts, rash guards, and a gi (if you train in one). Plus you still have to have money left over to pay your gym membership. All of these things add up and the bad thing is you are going to have to replace them a few times a year because they will wear out or rip thus costing you more money.

If you are trying to find cheap MMA gear then the number one option is to shop around at the various sites and look to see if your local sporting goods store carries anything in stock. The Internet is your number one source for shopping when it comes to online MMA gear. The variations of products are going to be endless and the discounts are numerous. Here are several ways to save money and get some quality Mixed Martial Arts gear.

The MMA Zone on FacebookFacebook

Facebook is an excellent way to save money on MMA gear. Not only will you find a lot of contests with opportunities to win free gear and training accessories, but there are companies out there offering discount coupons when you purchase their products. All you have to do is search for the various BJJ and MMA companies like The MMA Zone Facebook Page and you will come across website coupons from anywhere from 5% to 35% off MMA equipment.

Sponsorship or Wholesale Accounts

Another way to get discounted or free gear is through sponsorships or wholesale accounts. If you plan on fightingthen the gear companies will give you things to wear or use so that you will let others know about them and represent their company. This might mean wearing their patches or putting their name on your fight banner.  If you are interested in coaching then you may think about opening up your own MMA gym and then you will quality for getting MMA gear at wholesale prices.  If you are interested in getting sponsored then head over to your favorite martial arts websites and see if they have a sponsorship or contact form. You may have to answer a few questions, but in the long run it’s worth it because you will save money and get cheap MMA Gear.

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