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An Introduction to the Art of Dim Mak

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There is no more controversial subject in Martial Arts than the two words Dim Mak, better known in the Western World as pressure points. Practitioners of this controversial Martial Art attest the capabilities of their methods, which concentrate on attacking chi (life force energy) meridians which make the human body vulnerable to knockout, death, or even (controversially) delayed death.

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These meridians also happen to be the same points used in acupuncture therapy, also created centuries ago in ancient China. Due to a lack of documented cases of injury in combat, opposing critics argue that Dim Mak points are a hoax and are ineffective.

Learn Dim MakIs There Death By Dim Mak?

While there may not be many documented cases of injury from Dim Mak, modern medical research shows many cases and studies that attribute evidence to striking the body’s vital points can contribute to serious injury and possibly death upon self-defense situations.

Modern medical studies have shown that intense blows or pressure to certain carotid arteries delivers a signal to the center of the brain to decrease blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and decreasing the heart rate. Medical science has discovered that this excessive attack on the artery can cause a major decrease in blood pressure that may result to a loss of consciousness or mortality.

While many fans of fighting and Martial Arts are directly influenced by the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and what they see on television, they are still hard pressed to understand or believe in the concepts of Dim Mak. Even with a plethora of information at our fingertips, thanks to television and the Internet, Dim Mak has been given such an artificial understanding that most aren’t willing to look into the truth of Dim Mak.

Pressure Points Back Of The NeckAn understanding of Dim Mak implicate disturbances in Chi (life force energy), however proving a concept of disturbing ones flow of energy. is difficult to prove and thus create many skeptics that dismiss the techniques as nonsense. Despite the many skeptics, we should refrain from doubting the effectiveness of an ancient art form just because we can’t understand the explanation of transferring ones life force energy.

Dim Mak & Breakthrough Phenomena

Many popular thoughts, ideas, and theories have been altered with the advancement of science. Technological advances that we now enjoy today would not be in existence if we simply dismissed every phenomenon that came through the door. Perhaps our modern mindset requires a new explanation of what Dim Mak’s processes are for us to accept it as part of our history, and possibly our future.

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