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Hidden Past of Dim Mak & Pressure Points

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Like we mentioned in our last article about Dim Mak, “Introduction to the Art of Dim Mak” the history of Dim Mak is shrouded in tale and tradition. What is amazing is that it wasn’t like todya’s martial arts where anyone who pays for classes or sessions gets to learn a martial arts like; Kung Fu, Taekwondo, or Karate. Masters of this veiled style would only pass on knowledge and technique to honorable devoted students, had they found no trusted student his knowledge went un-passed.

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Similar to all Martial Arts of its time, the teachings of Dim Mak were used for defense of ones livelihood and kept secret from neighboring people, and enemies. While it is undocumented many Master practitioners of the Martial Arts believe that Chang San-Feng is the creator of Dim Mak, as well as the creator of Tai Chi Chuan(which literally translates to Grand Ultimate Boxing).

Master Shaolin Monk

Master Chang San-Feng is said to have lived from 1279-1368, spending many of his years as a Shaolin Monk. While living his years at the temple Chang San-Feng lived a life of dedication as all Shaolin Monks of that time, one of his main dedications being the Mastering of Chinese Kung Fu. The Shaolin philosophy was a fusion of Taoism and Buddhism. The distinct direction was to follow the Tao, or – the way of Nature, only then could the practitioner be one with harmony and the Universe, thus mastering his true self.

After Mastering numerous hard styles of Kung Fu in the temple of Shao-Lin, Chang San-Feng left his temple life as a Monk to be a traveling Taoist Hermit. While on his travels Chang San-Feng traveled the mountains and valleys of China educating and understanding the teachings of Taoism. Chang San-Feng was said to live 130 years, and in his later years had created a style known as Tai Chi, that had been passed on from teacher to student.

Tai Chi & “Use The Force”

Nearly 150 years after the death of Chang San-Feng, a student of Tai Chi known as Chen Wang-Ting. Having vast experience in the military, and a long list of Chinese Boxing experience it is said that Chen Wang-Ting is the actual creator of Dim Mak. Mixing his understanding of how to flow with his smooth motions of Tai Chi, and the force and power of the harder Chinese Boxing styles Chen Wang-Ting mixed Yin and Yang into one style. He understood the importance of being able to flow with your opponent while being able to target over 170 acupuncture targets to fatally attack his opponents.

At that time acupuncture was used as a form of medicine to re-channel ones Chi back into appropriate order. While it will never truly be known whether Chang San-Fend, or Chen Wang-Ting is the creator of mixing both positive and negative into one style, it is good to say that the best stories are those that go unwritten.

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