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Dim Mak & Today’s MMA Fighter

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Like we mentioned in our popular article, “Pressure Point – 7 Most Lethal Pressure Points” Dim Mak is one of the most popular and mysterious martial art disciplines out there. A lot of people have hear about “Pressure Points” but do not relate it to Dim Mak, or they have never heard of Dim Mak before. Dim Mak or more commonly referred to as the “Death Touch” by Americans isn’t widely practiced in the Western world as it has been stereotyped as a hoax and leaves a bad taste in some people’s mouths just to even speak of it. There are videos and articles all over the Internet that claim or show people using the Death Touch to do harm to opponents and because this media is so over the top in its showing a lot of people pass up Dim Mak as nonsense.

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The truth of the matter is that Dim Mak is practiced by almost every martial artist whether they know it or not. Traditional schools, MMA gyms, and sport oriented classes don’t go out and promote, “Come train at our school to learn Dim Mak,” yet fighters and martial artists alike all study the ancient art only in a new way. The Dim Mak or pressure point fighting is comprised of points all over the body that have been proven by both Eastern and Western medicine to have an effect on the body when hit or poked with a needle (thus the use of Acupuncture which is widely accepted all over the world) and through the course of training students are taught to target these areas even though they are not doing so to disrupt Ki.

In MMA, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, or any other striking art the proponents are taught and shown that the head is a vital target to aim for. Why is this? Because there are numerous points located in this region and the probability of hitting one is quite great. Throw a blow to the temple, jaw, or just behind the ear and you knock the guy clean out. This is because you just struck one of the pressure points and disrupted the person’s ki. If one where to study the art of pressure points it would take quite a long time to become proficient and could be quite dangerous if used in competition. This is one reason combatants are shown general regions an not specific points.

Another way the modern combat athlete is studying Dim Mak is when they look to deliver a solar plexus shot or one to the liver. Both of these points are key spots on the human body that disrupt the life flow and can lead to a knockout or serious damage. You see all the time in martial arts a fighter being knocked out by a head shot so people just chalk it up to a disruption of the inner ear or to the brain, but when someone gets knocked out via liver shot no one really has a solid answer. They just say that the body was over loaded not he was hit in a pressure point.

Dim Mak is really is a part of each and every martial art whether the athlete consciously knows it or not. It is real and based in Chinese medicine so there is plenty of validity when talking about the meridians. Today’s combat athlete may not be a skilled student of Dim Mak, but in some form or another it is alive and well in all combat arts.

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