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Marines Due Away With “Tough Man” Style Fighting

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The Marines like the skills and abilities that MMA has to offer their soldiers.  However, with the explosion in popularity and increase in numbers involved in MMA style fighting and training so have the injuries.  The Marines realize that they can’t just let the soldiers have a “free reign” to the tournaments and competitions they setup so they are now setting rules and guidelines in place to protect their solders.

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Now the soldiers must have a unit commander who will over look the soldiers safety and make there there is no “Tough Man” style tournaments going.   .  The Unit Commander will also make sure each fighter has the proper gear when training and fighting like; mouthpieces, gloves, headgear, and more.  They will also be responsible for knowing where the closest medical facility is and all of this has to be done before signing off on the request.

In an official email to the  Stars and Stripes Marine spokesman Staff Sgt. Michael Freema, “Marines and sailors are particularly attracted to the sport because it complements their warrior ethos and helps enhance or showcase skills acquired through Marine Corps martial arts training”.

To see the full write up written by By Matthew M. Burke can be viewed here:

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