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The Main Pressure Points AKA Death Touch

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In this Dim Mak series we have talked about, “Dim Mak & Today’s MMA Fighter” & “Hidden Past of Dim Mak & Pressure Points”.  Today we get down to the point, the pressure point that is (pun intended).

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The human body is broken down into several parts and hundreds of vital points are located through out, however in order to do the most damage to your opponent with the use of Dim Mak one needs to target the main pressure points and attack. Before we dive into those vital targets lets look at how the human body is divided and discuss some of the sub important pressure points that will do harm, but not devastating damage. Your body is broken up into two categories the Yin (negative) and the Yang (positive).
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The Yin section of the human body is comprised of the organs and circulatory system where as the Yang is made up of the bowl and digestive system. Each part is given an element and works in relation to another part of the human body either for healing or for control. These systems are further broken down into points all over the human body and when affected will disrupt the life flow and damage the part that they control. Some of the sub important points run along the arms and legs of our bodies and can cause pain as well as disrupt vital functions when interacted with.

Head, Neck, & Torso

Dim Mak pressure points that are of utmost importance are located within the head, neck, and torso. When struck the person could face severe pain or even death as a result of an increase in pressure to that vital spot. One man target that is said to cause a delayed death is in the neck what we would call the carotid artery. It is said that if a person should be struck here with the right amount of force it can lead to the “Death Touch”. Scientists know that this is true as there have been several cases where a subject received serious trauma to the artery and died later when the artery later ruptured as a result of intense pressure. This is a main reason that strikes to the carotid artery are not allowed in numerous sport oriented martial arts such as MMA.

Solar Plexus Point

Other areas of importance include the solar plexus, which is located below a persons sternum. If you have ever been properly hit in this region then you understand the pain and devastation it causes. This target is vital because hitting there “knocks” the wind out of a person, because it disrupted the vital rhythm of the muscles and respiratory system.

The art of Dim Mak is full of areas of interest however if you plan to study it for a practical, self defense situation then stick with the basics. Go for the head and torso because these two spots contain the highest concentration of pressure points over any other area of the body.

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