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Get Your Mind Right For Sparring

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As with many fighting or competitive sport you will only go as far as your brain will allow!

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This is heightened when it comes to point based competitions, winning can be influenced by swaying the judges decisions through some swift moving and strategic techniques.

So, From hear on down are some techniques that may be thought of as in the grey area..  not much.. 

just a tinge grey.. 

So if you don’t want to learn them then STOP READING!

Good, so you haven’t stopped reading so let’s get started… here we go

There are several martial arts like Tae Kwon Do and some variations of Karate that prefer point sparring and competing over full contact. Make plenty of noise, be the aggressor, look like you are the one winning the fight regardless of how the points go. Not only will this potentially have the ability to scare back your opponent giving you the advantage but will put it in the judges subconscious mind that you are the tougher maybe even better fighter.


In point based competitions you may be penalized or warned if you do to much serious damage to your opponent, but this doesn’t mean you can’t HIT THE CRAP OUT OF’EM. This will slow them down, often catch them off guard if they aren’t used to competing like that and will make it easier for you to continue scoring. Let them know who’s the boss. When you hit, make sure it makes plenty of noise ( a good smack), that way the judges will be sure to hear your point, otherwise they may overlook it. Of course you shouldn’t let your guard down until the judges call it, but the more attention you draw to even a shady or ‘iffy’ point will help it go in your favor. And when hit, just keep going, don’t act like you just got scored on unless the judges call it!

Lastly use your body to make the judges see what you want and block what you don’t want. You want to make sure the judges have a clear view of the points you score, so practice the way you position yourself in the ring. It goes the same for the reverse, try and block the judges view of points being scored on you (your target areas). Cheating is never right, but using the rules, psychology and surrounding environment to your advantage is just good sense.

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