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Tips On Finding The Perfect Taekwondo School For Your Child

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Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the entire world. One of the strongest factors in its growth is its emergence as very popular Olympic sport.  Every four years there is a spike in the members of Taekwondo students around the world. Another important factor in it’s growth is that there are numerous Taekwondo schools within any given community.

Get On The List!

Since most communities have two or three Taekwondo schools it is sometimes hard to find the right one especially when it comes to your child. The most important factor in determining which school is best for your child is to know why they want to learn Taekwondo, and below are the the top 4 reasons why adults and children choose to learn Taekwondo:

  • Want to do what they saw on T.V.
  • Learn Self Defense Skills
  • Participating in a competitive sport
  • Health & Fitness

The second step in finding the perfect Taekwondo school for your child is to get the address and phone number of all the schools in your given location. You can do this by the Internet and the phone book. First, go to the search engine of your choice and type in “Taekwondo School” and then your location. For example, if you were looking in Dublin then type in “Taekwondo School Kansas City, Kansas” into the search box.  Be sure to write down their address and along with the phone numbers. This will get your list of the local Taekwondo school that are on the web.


You will also want to find the schools that may not be on the Internet so next you are going to look in the phone book and again write down their address and phone number. Once you have a list of local Taekwondo schools you can begin begin the third step which is to call each one and setup a time you and your child can stop by and meet the instructors and watch a full children’s class. Make sure you don’t go to the school and watch an adults class since you are looking for a class for your child. It is important that you watch a children’s class. A very important factor in finding the right Taekwondo school for your child is to find a passionate and caring instructor.

You will find a lot of people that are passionate in Taekwondo, but you must also make sure that they genuinely care about their students and their progress. One of the best ways to determine if the instructor is passionate and works well with children is to watch them in a class. Most Taekwondo schools will allow you to watch a session, so take them up on it. A few questions to ask are:

  • Does the instructor laugh and joke with the kids?
  • If a child doesn’t understand something do they stop and explain until the child understands?
  • Do the students seem receptive and have an open teachable attitude towards the instructor?

If you and your child like what you saw in class and when meeting the instructor then you have found the perfect Taekwondo School!

Watch Out For These Signs!

  • It is important that you are not persuaded by a flashy Dojo. Just because the school has a nice facility doesn’t guarantee that they care for their students. You want to make sure that the facility is kept up and isn’t run down, but don’t choose a school simply for the looks of it.
  • Run away from any school that promises a black belt within a specific amount of time. There are too many factors in how long it takes to attain a black belt to promise anyone they will be a black belt in a year or two. The best schools are always meticulously train their students and do not rush belt acquisition in order to keep them in class.

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