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What is Martial Arts?

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A growing number of people are beginning to think you walk into a cage and get bloody beating people up when you tell them you study martial arts.   However, the UFC hasn’t yet overpowered these traditional views on what martial arts is!

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What Is Martial Arts?

We get asked here at the MMA Zone on a weekly basis to define or describe some sort of martial arts style. However, no matter how hard or clear you try and describe what it is, it will always come down to the perception or “filter” of the person asking the question.

“It’s much easier to explain something to someone by meeting them where they are, instead of forcing them to wherever you are..”

If the person has only seen action packed Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, or Jackie Chan movies then descriptions will always be viewed through these filters and given an ‘action packed’ vision and/or understanding. So, below we have listed some filters or views that people around you might have.  When you try to explain what it is you do in martial arts class take into consideration their current understanding of the arts.  This will help you tremendously.

Please let us know if you can describe a filter of someone you know Below!

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