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The Changing Face Of Womens MMA

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Google Womens MMA, go ahead, I have time…   Did you notice something? The first three hits are the 12 Hottest Women in MMA, the 20 Hottest Women in MMA, and the 50 Hottest Women in MMA. Now, I’m not complaining that there are attractive Women in the realm of Mixed Martial Arts, but my question to you is, is that fair to womens MMA?

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“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey

Let’s take a moment to look at a few of the biggest names in Womens MMA today. First, we’ll talk about one of the most widely recognized names, Gina Carano. She started her fighting career in Muay Thai where she boasts an impressive 12-1-1 record. She was handed a personal invitation to fight with World Extreme Fighting which first drew her into MMA where she went on to grab a record of 7 wins 1 loss. Yes, she has since retired and moved on to the more lucrative pastures of Hollywood, but her record and her fighting abilities are quite impressive.

Following hot on Carano’s heels is a Woman by the name of “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey. Known as the smack talking armbar queen, Rousey first caught the attention of martial artists everywhere when, at the age of 17, she became the youngest Judo practitioner ever to qualify for the Olympic games. In 2008 she became the first American to win a medal in Judo at the Olympic games in Beijing, China, She has Won Gold at the Brimingham World Cup, took silver at the 2007 World Judo Championships, and brought home the bronze from the 2007 Pan Am Games. She entered the MMA world and came out swinging and now her record stands at 5 wins, no losses. One of her more notable fights happened recently when she decided to take on the Strikeforce Bantamweight Champ Miesha Tate. She won by armbar in the first round.

Miesha Tate is no slouch either. She too has an impressive MMA record standing at 12 wins and 3 losses. She is currently ranked #3 on in the womens top 135 pound division according to the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings. She pulled her way up the MMA ladder facing names like Elaina Maxwell, Sarah Kaufman, and of course, Marloes Coenen.

Three of the bigger names in Womens MMA, all showing their skills, all proving they have what it takes. Are these women attractive? Yes. Is it ok to pointout that fact? Sure. I just believe they deserve respect as athletes first. They put themselves through the same training as the men.  They take the same hits and get the same bumps and bruises. Often they have bigger obstacles to climb and less opportunity to get to the top.

To test my hypothesis I also Googled Men in MMA. The results, not even close. Having a pretty face and a nice figure doesn’t hurt when you’re walking down a career path that has you on television and keeps you as a constant figure in the public eye, but these girls have fought hard to acquire the skills that have made them champions.

Maybe next time you’re talking about Carano, Tate, or Rousey you’ll think twice. And instead of saying, “She’s hot and I love to watch her fight,” you might change it up a bit and say, “That girl can fight, and she’s attractive to boot.

In my next entry we’ll get into the world of Dana White and his thoughts on Women in MMA.  We’ll also go over my recent interview with Shannon Knapp, former Strikeforce promoter and current president of Invicta Fighting Championships.
Written by: Jay Emmitt Caudill

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Brennan Valenzuela Says:

    Nice article Jay – I appreciate the sentiment and whole-heartedly agree with your view, however, your article is missing one crucial detail…

    Google personalizes our search results based on our history. So, in order to see pure “unfiltered” search results not influenced by our previous searches, you have to either clear your cookies/history entirerly or use an incognito/stealth window. That way your search results will reflect an accurate picture of search engine rankings.
    When I performed a search for “women’s MMA”, into an incognito window, the auto-fill populates with the following (I have a
    screen capture to prove it):

    -women’s mma rankings
    -womens’ mma weight classes
    -women’s mma champion

    What I’m getting at is, if your top auto-fill queries return “hottest women” and “12 hottest women” it means that Google has pulled those results based on analyzing your history. Google’s philosophy is to return the most relevant searches to YOU. And to discover who YOU are, Google saves and analyzes your search history in an attempt to learn what particular sites you favor. In other words, if you often search and click on “hottest women in MMA”, Google will learn that you like “hottest women in MMA.” And you’ll start seeing more websites dedicated to “hottest women in MMA” pop up in your search results.

    Again, I appreciate where you were going with the article, but it is slightly flawed – especially since you’re using your own Google history as the basis.

  2. Tony Thacker Says:

    Hey Brennan, you make an awesome point! I appreciate the feedback and your thoughts on it. I am sure that Jay will also reply as well, so I am just speaking for myself. When I do the query and type in “women’s MMA” the returns (not the autofill) are not as flooded as the article states. I do see a The 12 Hottest Women in MMA by Cagepota in 8th place but it certainly isn’t as flooded with “hot mma women” as the article states.

    Jay? What do you have to say for yourself? :)

  3. Jay Caudill Says:

    That is a great point and I see where you’re going but to be honest it was a generalization. To be fair though I did have a friend Google it was well with similar results. Also rest assured that while I was performing a search for Women in MMA I was not searching for “Hottest Women in MMA”.
    Speaking with most guys I know who enjoy MMA I found they said pretty much what the article gets at which is that there are good looking women in MMA and that they fight well. I’m not trying to suggest all men feel this way but it is a fairly common statement.
    In the future I’ll watch my Google though, and thanks for the tip but I would argue that the point is still a valid one and that even if it’s not the top three Google will still, more often than not, shoot back articles about “Hot Women in MMA” where as the men, not so much.

    Thanks for the feedback! You’re thoughts help us to work harder and research deeper!

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