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Get Fit Through MMA Training

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A lot of people ask me when they don’t have a local MMA gym whether they should make up their own training routine, or buy a fitness training program. Now before we get started this is not about the hardcore MMA training regiment that a fighter uses to get into the Octagon, and not even your local MMA orgranization. This is fitness in order to get into shape through MMA movements.

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MMA workouts are a perfect workout for people who want to lose weight and get into shape because it incorporates whole body movements and doesn’t focuse in on one or two muscle groups per session like so many fitness programs do.

The first option we will visit is buying a program that you can follow and will show you every exercise and how to do it. These programs will certainly help your fitness and cardio levels and one of the most well known one is the GSP Rushfit program, you can check this exercise programs here. There are other programs out there on the market as well that mix MMA training with fitness but I think that the GSP 8 week training system is one of the best. There is no doubt that George St. Pierre is one of the best conditioned athletes in the UFC so he certainly knows what he is talking about when it comes to get your body into shape.

The second option is to find a workout routine online and follow it. You will probably need to find out how to perform each exercise before beginning but with Google and Youtube this is pretty easy. One important element to make sure you focus on is that the focus is on MMA training and not just bodybuilding. So, many programs you find online walk you through working out with weights and will get you a better body through growing your muscle mass, but won’t help out your cardio.

If you are going to working out by yourself then I would recommend you buy a program like the one above.  If you are lucky enough to have a group that will also be working out with you then creating your own MMA training routine might be the way to go.  This way you can customize the training to what each individual enjoys doing.  For example, if you like kicking bags more then plyometrics then you can add more bag kicks into your workout.

Let us know your great MMA training tips, routines, and tips below in the comment section.

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