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The Taekwondo Beginner Uniform

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Taekwondo is a sport that requires great agility, focus, and dedication. As much as the techniques are about fighting and self-defense, they also invoke self-respect and confidence. If you want to gain respect in your Taekwondo tactics, you must first appreciate the art itself. Part of showing appreciation to the craft of Taekwondo is by wearing the uniform, or dobok properly.

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The Tae Kwon Do Dobak

Taekwondo students will learn that their uniform and attire not only provides protection, it is a symbol of their experience and skill level. The Taekwondo uniforms like these should be loose-fitting and comfortable to complete a variety of moves. Young students should also take into account growth spurts and buy the dobok a little larger. In addition, your personal hygiene should respect the history and honor of all martial arts. Your toenails and fingernails should be trimmed and long hair should be pulled back. In addition, all jewelery should be removed before practicing Taekwondo.

Other Necessary Uniform Accessories

Taekwondo headgear helps protect the head from vicious blows, especially when just beginning the martial arts journey. The ideal headgear will be light, yet protective and provide a clear view of the opponent without eye obstruction. While Taekwondo uniforms should protect the student, they should never compromise them or hinder performance.

Other Taekwondo padding for protection when sparring includes rib protectors and foot pads. These help to absorb the blow from students and also relieve pressure from countless hours of perfecting technique. Taekwondo is a great way to form body and mind soundness, but taking up the art shouldn’t have negative effects on outside life such as school or work. For this, students must also wear mouthguards. Additionally, male students can greatly benefit from wearing a jock and protective cup while female students are often more comfortable when donning a sports bra.

The Taekwondo Belt

The most respected article of equipment on the Taekwondo uniform is the belt. Your belt represents your level of Taekwondo expertise and has correlating descriptions to describe your journey. For instance, everyone starts off Taekwondo as a white belt, which resembles innocence and purity. When you first get the white belt, you will be educated on the proper way to tie the belt and respect should always be shown when changing into your Taekwondo uniforms.

As a student journeys through the ranks of the different belting systems, their skills will increase as will the value of self-worth. One constant thing that remains whether you’re a white belt or a black belt is the integrity of the uniform. The dobok is your mantle to display patches and awards from competitions and should be worn with honor and pride.

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