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How To Build A Dojo Part II: Challenges Make Opportunities

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The Problems & Potential To Prosper

If you haven’t read our first in this series here it is: how to start a martial arts school.

Get On The List!

Before we get into exactly how to market your martial arts business for maximum success, it is important to point out the key problems that prevent most schools and training centers from reaching their goals, as well as where potential is most commonly overlooked.

The biggest factor that holds back most martial arts schools and MMA training centers is the initial vision. Martial arts instructors and entrepreneurs who have always dreamed of having their own school or dojo simply see what the majority of others have done and think they should just do the same. They often do this without really thinking ahead and about the limits this puts on their income and profits. This vision normally involves just having one school.

Following your heart and doing something you are passionate about (i.e., starting your own school and teaching martial arts) is very noble and definitely something you should pursue unwaveringly. That does not mean however that you should doom the rest of your goals and dreams to redundancy because they cost too much money.
If you dream of a lifestyle that also allows you to take vacations, travel, have a nice car, and spend time with your family, it is probably going to cost more than the average martial arts school makes. With the average school only holding around 100 students at maximum capacity, even if you double that you are only looking at 200 students enrolled per month.  Even if you were to charge $400 dollars per month which would be more than 4 times what is being charged at the new UFC Gyms, you would likely be walking away with less than $40,000 dollars a month in your pocket. This might seem like a lot of money to some and it certainly shouldn’t be disregarded. However just getting up to those numbers is already going to take some work and some pretty slick ad campaigns and silver-tongued sales staff. Though when you compare this to plastic surgeons that can make up to $80,000 dollars a day, there obviously must be a lot more money to be made.

Many other schools fail because they cannot make it to the first stage, which is the ability to fill their school. This is often because martial arts instructors are not marketing experts or professional salesman (no matter what scripts you give them). Others who invest in franchises believe that the franchise owner has all the answers and just don’t understand why the materials and ideas they are being given just don’t seem to work.

Luckily you have found this book and do not have to give up on any of your dreams. I will show you how you can both hit maximum capacity for your school and make the most from each student and GO EVEN FURTHER!

If you are going to think, you might as well think BIG! It doesn’t take extra energy to think bigger. In fact it really doesn’t even take much more time. Additionally, with the right plan you can achieve 10 times your competitors achievements by just having the right thought process and goals in the first place.

Following the ideas and methods in this book you can easily make your martial arts school or MMA training center the hottest in your city, expand to have multiple schools across the country and even draw in students from across the world…making your training center a martial arts destination!

Regardless of where you are at right now–if owning or managing your own school is still just an idea you are playing with, you are about to open your doors and need marketing ideas, or you just want to take your already successful school to the next level–this book will take you where you want to go and beyond.

Though in order to succeed you must first have a plan…

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