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Building & Growing Your Martial Arts School Part VII: Create Your Ideal Customer

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Defining Your Ideal Customer Profile

After defining your niche the next step is to break down your ideal customer profile. This is the profile of the optimal student/customer you desire to attract. You may have more than one, and your ideal customer may change as you develop and evolve your business. Start with the customers you need and want to attract now.

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Your ideal customer is a person you would choose out of a room to approach and want to have as a student in your school. This will help you in targeting all of your future marketing as well as ensuring your brand remains in line with your end goals. These traits are also known as demographics. Some are more important than others when it comes to martial arts and they include the following items:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Personality/ Character
  • Knowledge/ Experience level in Martial Arts
  • Geographic Location
  • Sex
  • Marital Status
  • Family Size
  • Occupation

Your immediate reaction may be that you do not want to turn anyone away. That is not the purpose of this. Decide who is going to be the MOST valuable. For example, will bringing in kids make adults stay and pay, or is it better to target parents who you know have the money to bring in their children? Different marketing channels will allow you to select different demographics to focus on. However, the more detailed you make your ideal customer profile the faster and more accurately you can move on to advertising opportunities–later improving your return on investment and shortening your time to market and cash flow cycle.

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There are no right or wrong answers; it depends on your goals as a school and the direction you want to go in. An example for a martial arts school that wants to attract high paying students that want to become MMA fighters may look like this:

  • Age: 18-34
  • Sex: Male
  • Income: $35,00-$1million
  • Personality/ Character: Aggressive, dedicated, determined
  • Knowledge/ Experience Level in MA: 3-4 years previous experience, high interest in MMA & UFC
  • Location: Within 15 miles of your school (to start with)
  • You may also find that singles are better for this model as they will be interacting with more friends that also meet this profile, and will have more free cash to spend at your school.

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