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How To Start A Martial Arts School Part V: Pre-Selling Your School

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Pre-Selling For Your School

After having done all of your research and having completed your business and marketing plans, it is wise to test your ideas and assumptions for before laying them out and tying up capital.

Get On The List!


most business owners and entrepreneurs just go out and lease or buy their premises, open the doors, and then hope, pray and beg for students to come in fast enough before they run out of capital and go belly-up. This is definitely not wise. Even if you attracted some students, this could put you on the defensive, instead of operating from a position strength–obviously not a good practice for a martial arts master.

It does not matter which of your friends or previous students said they were going to show up…you need to see the green! Just imagine if by the time you opened your doors you already had enough money in revenues to pay for your overhead in advance, as well as equip your school, so that any capital you already had could be used for marketing and as emergency reserves.

How To Pre-Sell Your Martial Arts School

It is really much easier to achieve this than you may think. If your monthly base overhead including rent is $3,500 you would only need to find 35 paying students at a small $100 fee per month to get ahead of the game. Yes, many schools offer free classes etc., to get people in the door and it can be easier once you have a physical dojo, but the benefits are well worth it. For anyone who is wary you can even make their first month refundable if they decide to drop out, or offer a free month later in the year as incentive. Even if you took a small nominal deposit and had them sign a contract it should be easy, and it will show you just how much you ought to be able to count on.

How can you convince people to sign up? Having a great looking website is one way. A great looking website can often give you all the credibility you need to get people to part with their money over the Internet, especially if you are offering an attractive promotion. Getting the word out to everyone else you know and any other instructors you know should go without saying. This can be done via social media marketing, in person, by email, or even regular mail depending on who it is. In addition, approaching businesses can offer a huge pool of eager students with plenty of money to enroll. If you approach it right you could have companies sponsoring many of their employees to sign up, but we will get deeper into this opportunity later. Just these three avenues alone should easily yield you 35 students.

Finally promote, promote, promote, wherever you go! Everyone you ever bump into and meet should know about the new martial arts school you are about to open. Have an, ‘elevator pitch’ thought out and rehearsed for everyone you meet. Whenever you are introduced to someone new and they ask what you do, you should be able to introduce your school and tell them why it is the best in just a few seconds. For example, when asked what you do, answer something along the lines of ‘I am actually just opening a new MMA training center, where we also specialize in teaching how to disarm opponents with guns and have our own octagon!’. You get the idea, spike their interest and give them a reason to ask you more.

However, perhaps the most powerful advice you can follow when you are starting out is to set yourself a goal of 10 new contacts per day. This can be done by either handing out business cards or trading contact information. Do not let yourself go home until you have made at least 10 contacts. It can be anyone to start with; gas station attendants, your children’s teachers, a banker or a bus driver. That is 300 new contacts in 30 days.

Can’t you get just 35 of those to be interested in signing up for your martial arts classes?


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