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The Last Living Ninja

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In a bit of sad news, it is possible that we may only have one final ‘living ninja‘.  Jinichi Kawakami who is a 63 year old engineer might possibly be the last living ninja who learned and understands the skills that have been handed down from teacher to student for over 500 years.

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When Kawakami was being taught Ninjutsu he didn’t actually realize it at the early age of 6.  That is when he says he learned from legends like Masazo Ishida, a man who dressed as a Buddhist monk.  He said he his training encompassed a large variety of skill that ranged from mental to physical.  Some of the various topics of his ninjutsu studies included chemicals, weather, and even psychology.

Ninjutsu Is Comprehensive Survival Techniques

Kawakami  said “I call ninjutsu comprehensive survival techniques,” though it originated in war skills such as espionage and guerrilla attacks, he said.  Kawakami recalls for training his focus he actually stared at the wick of a candle until he felt that he was inside of it.  He also went on to say, “I also practiced hearing the sound of a needle dropping on the floor.”

Ninjutsu Is Not Training But Is A Way Of Life

Learning the art of ninjutsu also taught him how to mix chemicals that would cause only smoke for concealment as well as explosion, jump from significant heights, and climb walls.  Kawakami was also made to withstand a great deal of heat and cold as well a hunger and pain.  He recalls that his ninja training was tough, painful, hard, but fun and he didn’t think much of why he was doing it.  The training was just ingrained in his everyday life.

Kawakami sadly states that, “Ninjas just don’t fit in the modern day.”

If there was ever a time someone should write a book I think it is Kawakami!  What do you think (comment below)?

This story was first brought to my attention by Dojo Rat so shout out to him for posting it.  Thanks!

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