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Need A Ninja Costume For Halloween? Easy… Here’s How To Do It Cheap!

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The ninja is truly one of the best costumes a child can choose as a Halloween costume. Now I am kind of biased because I donned the black stealthy outfit just about every other Halloween when I was a kid. This was mostly to get the coolest ninja outfit that I could find and this way I could play in it until the next time I was a ninja for Halloween.

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One great thing about being a ninja is that you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy an expensive costume.  You can truly make a ‘do-it-yourself’ ninja costume.  The most popular ninja color most kids want to be is black.  There are also other color options like; white, blue, and even camo.    However, this post will only cover how to create a home-made black ninja costume

The base piece of the costume is a black Karate gi. This is the most important piece of the entire costume and will likely cost you the most at around $30 to $40. Any black karate gi will work just make sure you get the right size for your child.  To the right you will find a karate gi sizing chart that will help you decide which size to buy for you child.  Please note: most karate gi’s come with a white belt so you can either use it for a little contrast or you will need to find a black belt to use (see below).  However, if you don’t have access to getting a karate gi then a black sweat pants and sweatshirt will work these will cost around $15.

If you are using s sweatshirt for your costume then you may not even need a belt if you don’t want to.  However, if you are using a karate gi then you will need to find some sort of belt that will help keep the karate jacket from flying open.  You can pick up a long narrow piece of black fabric and use it as a sash style black belt this will cost under $5.  After your child put on their sweatshirt or karate gi jacket then you can wrap it around them and tie it and this will work well.

For an easy mask you can find a ski mask or  balaclava.  The most important part of finding the right mask is to make sure the eye holes are all one opening and not two.  For an example, of this please see the image to the left.

If you really want to go all out then you can pick up a plastic ninja sword and some throwing stars.  You will find these in the toy section of your local Walmart or Target stores.  A lot of time they have a full set of ninja weapons in a single package that you can pick up for under $15.

For shoes either use black shoes if possible and if you don’t have any then you have a few choices.  First you can use a pair of black socks, however the sole isn’t hard so you child should be walking outside if they only have socks on.  Another option is to find a pair of black slippers at your local Walmart or Target store.  These are generally under $10.

Click here if you would rather just purchase an entire Halloween ninja costume.

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