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Building & Growing Your Martial Arts School Part VIII: Promoting Your School

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We discussed earlier some of the traditional ways that martial arts schools and MMA training centers promote themselves and the problems associated with them. However, there are some traditional types of marketing methods that can be used with great effect for martial arts schools if done right. Alone they may not seem revolutionary, but they are a form of advertising rarely used or done right by martial arts schools.

Get On The List!


Radio advertising is something rarely, if ever, used to promote martial arts with perhaps the only exception being the advertisement of UFC fights. This presents a unique opportunity with little competition. It is a form of media that will allow you to stand out from any other schools in your area. According to Neilson’s statistics, 4 out of 5 adults still listen to the radio on a daily basis for an average of 109 minutes–more than any other form of audio. It is definitely worth looking into, and the great thing is that companies such as Clear Channel will provide you with tons of free data and demographics on your target markets which can also be used for your other marketing campaigns.

Corporate Marketing

Other businesses are an absolute goldmine of students for martial arts schools. Why? There are several reasons, but perhaps the most important is that one contact can put you in touch with dozens, if not hundreds of prospects. Even if you only get to make one solid contact at the top of a corporation they can act as an incredibly powerful word of mouth referral source. You must make sure that you connect with the real decision maker in the company however; otherwise you are just wasting your time. At a minimum you should be able to leave promotional materials in the reception area of most businesses, which can reach both employees and customers.

Businesses are also quickly realizing that there is a lot of proven research that has shown that employees that exercise regularly are much more valuable. They both perform better on a daily basis and stay healthier so that they do not need paid time off or need to be replaced as often. This packs huge financial benefits and makes for an easy sales pitch. You should definitely be able to make the argument that a business could easily reap the benefits of paying for all or at least a good portion of it’s employees tuition in your school!

How easy would it be to sign up big batches of students at premium prices then? Martial arts is a great form of team building as well, and you will likely find additional businesses willing to cross promote and pick up most, if not all of the tab for other marketing campaigns.

Celebrity Appearances

Celebrities are used to promote almost every type of business and product; from sports personalities pushing cars to book signings to create a buzz at bookstores…and now even real estate mogul Donald Trump is advertising mattresses of all things! It is a great way to create awareness for your dojo or training center and will certainly separate you from the competition. This is definitely the type of addition you need to make to seminars to really boost the turn out and make sure you get new sign ups at full price. You may already have celebrity students within your organization even if they are not in your actual school.

See if you can get them to make a guest appearance. Or, see if you are able to get an actor from a martial arts movie or TV show to come and show their face. Also consider the likes of the ‘Octagon Girls’ of the UFC, or pros that give unique demonstrations like breaking cement blocks etc.. Or perhaps you want to hold an event to promote your own upcoming fighters who are soon to be big time faces in martial arts. Can you put up your own octagon and hold your own MMA battles? Contrary to public opinion the event does not even have to be expensive. There are many celebrities and soon-to-be big names that are actively seeking opportunities like this in order to build up their own publicity as well.

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