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How To Start Your Martial Arts School Part X: Social Media For Martial Art Schools

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For a long time Google and Yahoo Pay-Per-Click advertising reigned supreme and was the most common form of online advertising for most businesses. It can still be incredibly effective if done right. More recently however, social media marketing and focusing on SEO have far surpassed this type of advertising for a number or reasons. This includes being better able to target the right type of traffic, lower costs, and cut the length of time it takes to reach out.  It still does take some investment of time and money to do it right, although much less than the other options available. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and profitable opportunities.

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Facebook & the Martial Arts

Facebook has emerged as the ultimate platform for social media marketing for many businesses and is especially effective for martial arts marketing. However, you cannot just expect to put up a fan page and hope that you will all of a sudden end up with millions of fans. It is something that takes a little work and wisdom. Keep in mind your own Internet surfing habits and what attracts your attention while you are wasting time on Facebook. Do not expect to be deliberately sought out and found. Rather, you need to grab other users’ attention and give them a reason to come to you and become a fan. You should begin by reaching out to everyone you know…and everyone your instructors and students know as well for that matter. Referrals are much more powerful than trying to rope people in for yourself.

Consider holding competitions or contests online to attract more members to your Facebook fan club. Avoid companies that promise thousands of fans in days. These are junk and will just be fake, dead-ends. Instead, look into Facebook’s advertising programs. You can choose between PPC and CPM. For those not familiar with CPM it is cost-per-impression. Instead of paying for clicks on your ads, you pay per 1,000 times it is viewed. Both have their advantages.

However, CPM is great for those looking to get their name out and build a recognizable brand. Facebook allows you to specifically target prospects that meet your ideal prospect profile as described at the beginning of this book. You can choose whom you want to market to based on age, location, sex and even interest, all of which make it much more effective than other forms of marketing.

Twitter For Martial Art Schools

Twitter has a somewhat of a roller-coaster reputation when it comes to actually making money by using it for marketing.  However it is still a great tool for martial arts schools. It’s viral capabilities certainly offer a way to get the word out.  For martial arts it is even more effective for marketing directly to your current student and prospect base. Used properly you can build loyalty and use it to upsell and increase attendance via regular updates.

YouTube For Martial Art Schools

YouTube offers an incredible way to market your martial arts center. In fact, it is perfectly suited to the style of marketing that is most effective for martial arts. People want to see martial arts in action. It gets them excited and builds interest in what your school is offering to a level that will actually get them to take action. Just look at Kimbo Slice. You may think he was a terrible contender in the UFC, and that just makes YouTube that much more impressive as a marketing tool. His viral videos rocketed him to stardom and big money in a short amount of time. Setting up your own YouTube channel is something that can be done in just a matter of minutes. You already have the action going on in your school to record, or at least plenty of willing and able actors.

If you have already tried it, it is true that there is a lot of competition. However what many never think to take advantage of is the advertising opportunities that YouTube offers. Like Facebook, YouTube enables incredibly efficient paid advertising programs that can be used to hone in on your ideal prospects. You can again choose from a whole range of demographics, as well as choosing from ads around other videos.  Now you could have your ads in and around the top performing UFC and other martial arts videos on YouTube, catching potential students at their most likely time to take the action and commit to checking out a new martial arts school. This could easily become one of your best marketing avenues.

There are many other options for social media marketing including the likes of Blog Talk Radio. Be careful however, it is all too easy to get distracted and pulled into too many different directions without mastering any of them. Remember your martial arts training when you begin marketing online. Learn to master each form one at a time and then move onto the next. Build a good foundation, but also make sure to maintain your skill and constant improvement in each area. For example, start a Facebook campaign that is easily manageable and agreeable to your budget. Put it on autopilot and then move on to the next. While Internet advertising can produce big instantaneous results, part of it’s biggest power is continue to produce as long as you keep nurturing it.

It is much better to have 3 or 4 advertising avenues that you steadily grow than going crazy on one for a month and then throwing all of your resources into another, completely neglecting the first. Otherwise you will be quitting just before it becomes it’s most effective.

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