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How To Start A Martial Arts School Part XIII: Outsourcing & Hiring Employees

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The way of hiring employees and running a business has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. In order to operate more efficiently and at lower costs entrepreneurs are now turning to outsourcing in masses. Of course you need onsite instructors, but almost every other staffing need you have can easily be outsourced. This is especially true when it comes to marketing your martial arts business.

Get On The List!

There are many parts you may be able to do yourself, but is it the best use of your time? How much is your time worth? If your time is worth $200 dollars an hour then you certainly shouldn’t be doing something that you can outsource for $3 to $20 dollars an hour–otherwise you are just holding back your businesses and will never reach your full potential. The days of hiring mega-expensive marketing agencies is also a thing of the past for most. It just doesn’t make fiscal sense in most cases. Instead, outsource as much of your marketing as possible. Hiring freelancers to handle this work not only offers a lower cost alternative, but also eliminates a lot of the taxes, liabilities and overhead associated with having to have in-house employees for these positions.

All of your Internet marketing can easily be handled by outsourced employees, as well as the creation of other promotional material, the answering of your phones and the managing of your email inquiries. So where do you find efficient freelancers, how do you hire them and what do they really cost?

A quick search of the Internet will bring you endless lists of resources for freelance workers. Some are truly freelancers who work on their own and others can be found through outsourcing platforms. It can be difficult to assess how good a freelancer is and to be able to tell if they are reliable. So at the beginning it can be wise to stick to the leading outsourcing sites like, or at least to dedicated providers of individual services such as International Nomad Publishing for content, articles, blogs and eBooks.  It is intelligent to outsource websites, social media profile pages and content for all of your campaigns. You will no doubt find a number of freelancers specializing in martial arts that can perform the tasks you need for a fraction of the cost you would expect to find locally. However do remember to keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. Great online advertising and content can do miracles for marketing your martial arts venture, but poor quality work will get you penalized by the search engines and re-delegated to the bottom rung of the ladder.

It can be confusing to know who is good and what to pay, so always ask for samples of previous work. See the following rough guide on what you can expect to pay for quality providers:

  • Website Design: $250-$2,500
  • Content Writing: $10-$20 an hour or per piece
  • Logos: $50-$250
  • Phone handling: $5-$18 an hour
  • Email handling: $3-$7 an hour
  • Business Plans: $14-$25 an hour
  • Personal Virtual Assistants: $3-$15 an hour

The Art Of Attracting National & International Students

Here is where you can really make your martial arts school or MMA training center into a big money business. Depending on your location you may or may not already have access to a big pool of serious martial artists who are really ready to take it to the next level and are willing to pay a premium for your professional training. Or perhaps you are blessed with being situated in an area of incredible successful people with high incomes that are happy to pay double or triple the national average. However, for most this does not apply. Whether it does or not, one of the best ways to boost your same school revenues is to attract national and international students who are willing to pay big bucks to train under you.

Of course this is hard to do as a Mcdojo that is simply dragging in as many local students you can at a discount and not being tough about grading, but it is not impossible. Remember it is all about marketing and appearances. If you are an entrepreneur who is opening or has opened a martial arts school without much experience yourself, consider hiring an instructor that has a string of championship wins and titles to their names. You can also begin promoting your school as the ultimate destination for MMA training.

Even if you do not offer a full MMA training program you can still market your school or training center as the place to master a certain style for use in the UFC. Make a big deal on all of your online marketing about any upcoming fighters you have ever trained in your school that are on their way up the MMA ranks. Even without any history you can still position your school to attract national and international students.  Perhaps you can even connect with businesses and find some who are willing to sponsor the training of any really promising fighters you may have. Then, draw fighters by advertising a competition that will hold a sponsorship for the winner.

Students that are willing to travel to your school to train will obviously be willing to pay a lot more than most other local students…perhaps easily 10 times what you charge local residents. Make it easy for them. Take note of other international martial arts schools that offer packages that include accommodation. Partner with travel agents, hotels and other companies that compliment yours and put together a complete package deal of your own. This is even easier if you are located in a vacation type area, but it can be done anywhere.

Make your school the martial arts destination of the next decade!

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