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Starting A Martial Art School Series Part XIV: Growing & Expanding Your Empire

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Attracting an elite group of national and international students could easily be enough to put your revenues well over $1million dollars a year. However, expanding your empire is the way to really turn your enterprise into a million dollar moneymaking machine.

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First you must hone your own marketing at your flagship school, build a brilliant brand and get your business model well oiled and operating at maximum ROI. Then you will be able to expand effectively in a stronger fashion from a firm foundation. If you are currently operating a franchise for someone else you can still successfully use these techniques to either go out on your own or at least open a number of schools more effectively and efficiently.

There are two ways to expand your empire. You can franchise or you can open multiple corporate owned operations. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to open multiple schools of your own, you have to take into consideration that they will take up a considerable amount of time to launch, run and manage. In order to avoid just creating a bigger job for yourself you must be ready to hire great managers and regional managers.

You must make allowances for this in your business plan in order for it to remain profitable, and to truly enjoy the freedoms of running your own business and not becoming a slave to it. Selling your own franchises on the other hand can be a more efficient way to roll in new revenues without having to fork over more capital. Though this would obviously mean receiving less profit from each location. Franchising also means you will have to be extremely careful to protect your brand in order to sustain the value of your school.

Where should you expand? If you are going to have to be involved in the management and launch of additional schools to a significant extent then you may want to keep them close to home to start. This will limit the time and expense of travel and make it easier if you or another of your instructors need to step in and manage in an emergency. This will also allow you to build an incredible presence within your region and push out or discourage competition. However, if you plan to franchise you will be best served by offering locations as far from your headquarters as possible in order to cover the largest market area. For example, a school in Florida, one in California, one in NY and perhaps another in Canada.

Harnessing the marketing tactics and strategies in this book will instantly add value to your business and allow you to both demand a higher price and percentage of royalties for franchises and also attract the best managers and instructors to join your organization. There may be bigger franchises out there already, but you can still set yourself up as the ultimate option by giving your franchisees a truly impressive marketing model that will enable them to rake in much higher revenues than by going with anyone else.

Making It Happen…

I trust you have found the strategies and tactics in this book inspirational and educational. Harnessing these concepts and techniques can easily make the difference from going broke in your first year to making your martial arts academy into a lean, mean, million dollar machine.

There is no doubt that using these marketing ideas cannot only help you open a new school successfully, but turn around a struggling one and take your business beyond your wildest dreams.

For those of you looking for more information and tips you can find volumes of valuable information on the blog, or checkout the Martial Arts Business Blueprint,

Remember, it all starts with successful planning. Plan, train and execute your ideas and Make Millions…

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