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Fold A Wrinkle Free Karate Gi

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terminology-karate-giOne important aspect of having a Karate Gi is being able to properly fold it.  The gi is more then just some clothes to wear to a Karate school.  It is an extension of pride, discipline, and year of dedication so it is important to always treat it with the utmost of respect by keeping it clean, wrinkle free, and smelling fresh.

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The issue we will cover in this article is keeping you karate gi or any other martial arts uniform wrinkle free.  When going to class, tournament, or demonstration you should always be sure to eliminate the wrinkles as well as possible.  One way to reduce the number of wrinkles your Karate Gi may have is to fold it correctly every time you put it away after class, cleaning, or in your uniform carrying bag.


6 Easy Steps to Properly Fold A Karate Gi:


First step: is spread the jacket out across a flat surface such as a table top or bed.  The opening should be upwards with the arm stretched out to the sides.  It is important at this time to make sure that you don’t see any wrinkles so if you do fix them before beginning the folding process.

Second step: is take the pants and place them to the point where the waistband is at the same level top of the gi’s collar.  So, now you should have the pants lying on top of the Karate gi jacket.

Third step: is to grab one side of the pant leg bottom and folding the hem up to the same level as the pants waistband.  On that same side fold the jacket sleeve over the legs with a crease at the edge of the pant leg that you just folded up.

Now take the same sleeve and fold it back on top of itself so the crease is exactly the same place as the left edge of the pants.

Fourth step: is to do this same technique with the other side.

Fifth step: is to take the bottom part of the bottom jacket and fold it up to meet the bottom of the folded legs.  Now make sure all the creases are tight and if so press down on the Karate gi to ensure there isn’t any air locked inside of the gi.

Sixth step: is to fold the gi in half from the left and then again after making sure all the creases are tight press down on the gi to ensure there isn’t any air pockets within the gi.

Now your Gi is perfectly folded and can be put into your martial arts carrying bag, drawers, or closet.  Next time you pull it out and have to use it you will notice that it is wrinkle free!

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