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Using The Spinning Heel Kick To Perfection

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A few weeks ago Evan Geis wrote a fantastic article on the Taekwondo Tornado Kick. Another great kick that MMA has adopted from the Taekwondo style that you don’t see often is the spinning heel kick also known as the reverse roundhouse kick.

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spin-heel-kickHowever, even though the spinning heel kick is common in Taekwondo it is also found in other styles like; Karate, Muay Thai, and Silat.  With the spinning heal kick the opponents head is most likely the target as well as a knockout. However, it can also be very damaging to the legs of your opponents if that is your target.

One great way to setup a knockout spinning heal kick is to use it a couple of times and go to the legs of your opponent and make it hurt. The third time you do it your opponent will think you are going to the legs and block low and that is when your heel will meet with the side of his head and then his head to the mat. The amount of power that can be generated in the spin if done right can be tremendous.

The video included in this post was taken during The Ultimate Fighter Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen on FX in a fight between Urijah Hall and Adam Cella that took place on Feb. 5th 2013.  This spinning heel kick took place at the end of the first round and happened very fast.  In watching the video you will see the damage a spinning heel kick inflict.


Although the technique show by Urijah Hall may not be perfect the outcome couldn’t be much better when it comes to an MMA fight.  Although at the end of the video it doesn’t look like Cella is still dazed he ends up being okay which is great.

After the knockout Cella’s breathing becomes erratic as everyone starts to realize that this knockout is very serious. Cella was knocked out for 4 minutes until he awoke and was taken to the hospital. He was released the same day and is expected to compete in the finale which will take place in April.

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