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Combat Sports vs. Military Combat Training

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Martial arts & self defense training in the Armed Forces has been a critical skill taught to every soldier that began basic training.  Although there is a huge following of MMA within the military combat sports aren’t necessarily how they train.  Since combat sports has rules and regulations this type of training isn’t as beneficial when it comes to self defense and one might think.  The military values functional movements that work quickly and effectively to hurt and even kill their combatant.  So, are their comparisons between military martial arts training and today’s MMA training?

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military-martial-arts Early “Matches”

Consider the novel, Sho-Gun, by James Clavell, an Asian “Saga.” Today’s MMA matches, between the best fighters in the world, usually go 5 rounds, 5 minutes per round. In Sho-Gun, perhaps one of great fight scenes in literature displays a magnificent, epic match between two great opponents that goes 50 rounds! 50!

What does this mean? How does one consider the need for martial arts back in the 17th Century? Clearly, to go 50 rounds, fighting to the death, or until the opponent cries out “defeat!” modern-day martial arts could not possibly have been part of such a fight, for modern-day strikes from Muay Tai, TaeKwonDo, and Judo, blended nicely with Brazilian Jiu Jitusu, would have ended such a match with the sophisticated and modern “technical” styles of submission grappling and stand-up sweeps and strikes. No fighter today with modern-day training skills would go 50 rounds. The Gracie Family proved that decades ago.


Armed Forces “Matches” Today

Such fights described in novels like Sho-Gun simply would not be effective in today’s Armed Forces during combat situations.

Why? Too long.

For one, what would be the purpose in winning a battle, much less an entire war, with such fighting? Secondly, modern warfare provides all armed forces with weaponry designed to kill immediately.

However, when ground troops are deployed, today’s fighting techniques must require a solid foundation of martial arts for quick strikes, violent sweeps and take downs, and of course quick submissions where a “tapout” does not play into such situations;submissions in today’s modern combat scenarios certainly move into submission moves, but indeed go much further than a tap out during war; the enemy is severely injured and or killed for a soldier to continue his mission – which is to win the war.

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