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Martial Arts Training Without any Gear or Equipment

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Can you become a skilled, strong, effective martial artist without all the weight lifting training, and other “strength building” equipment? Can you defeat an opponent who uses all the latest and greatest MMA equipment on a regular basis? And what if you cannot afford such equipment, or join a gym offering such equipment?

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Are you at a disadvantage?

Of course not!

martial-arts-equipment-gearThe human body is designed to strengthen itself automatically through the right methods of hard, stubborn training. A few film examples are “Rocky” when Stallone, begins to hit slabs of heavy beef ribs. Or “The Cinderella Man” when Russell Crowe lifted 100 lb bags of cement for a living.   And how about your everyday Farmer?

Think about it.

Let’s look at some specific examples.

“Strength Training”

Is the man who can bench-press his own weight or up to 80% more or so, have an advantage over the athlete who does between 500 and a 1000 pushups a day, plus isometric training through flexing and holding muscle tissue for certain time intervals during the course of 15 to 20 minutes? And of course pure mat-time grappling? Absolutely not. The latter form of training gives the athlete complete control over his upper body, while the weight lifter may have complete control over the weight he is pushing, does he necessarily have the control over his own body – or even the body weight of another man? Think about it.

Thus the same with arm strength, leg strength, and core strength. Heavy push-up sessions and crunch sessions – along with a variety of “holding positions” can dramatically increase upper body strength. And if you are unable to afford bicep equipment – not to worry. Any one can find heavy trash bags and water to create the weight of any barbell. And such a bicep workout, if you think about it, will increase your grip strength even more than the more comfortable position of traditional barbell curls.

“Cardio Training”

When it comes to cardio training and martial arts, forget about ANY kind of mma gear. Do you think fighters of the ancient times had any equipment to increase their cardio strength?

Today’s modern cardio workouts are astonishing in their results. Such exercises as “Burpees” (a squat, a pushup, then a power jump, then start it over – many times), traditional Jumping Jacks, “Mountain Climbs” (performed on the mat, in a mountain climb position, pushing forward and backward the legs as fast as possible – as if on an inverted stair-step machine), grappling itself, and of course what every martial artist should do, speed running, or sprints – up to 15 or 20 minutes a day will do remarkable things for your cardio. Finally, if you have access to a pool, watch what swimming does!

Each, and all of these forms of training will increase and strengthen the cardio better and more effectively than any machine or any piece of equipment. So if you complain and believe your abilities are not increasing on the strength and cardio of your game, stop! Your own body can do more than you have ever realized!

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