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Do I Hit Them?

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When being confronted by a friend or a complete stranger, whether it be on the street or in a familiar place, this question will always ring through your head:

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self-defense-techniques“Do I Hit Them?”

Now one of the core lessons of any traditional martial arts like Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, or a Muay Thai is self-control.  So how do you know when to put self-control aside and strike out against the attacker.

To give a little background, self-defense is the right everyone has to defend themselves from an attacker. The goal of self-defense is to be able to escape safely from an aggressor. Whether that be by striking them or simply giving a good push. Deciding which one of those two can be  broken down into a couple of simple steps:

  1. An attacker places a hand on you or grabs you.
  2. Push or escape the grab – I know this is very general but going into every single possible escape would cover several styles of martial arts and tons of different approaches. Just use what you’ve trained and feels the most natural, gain space between you and them, and verbally portray that you don’t want any conflict.

This is can be the turning point in the conflict. If the aggressor brakes off then simply leave the area and be glad you avoided further conflict. However we don’t live in a perfect world. If the strife doesn’t end there and they continue to pursue the will to afflict damage then it’s “GO” time.

  1. An attacker pursues to attack a second after initial conflict and verbal warning
  2. This is the controversial part. You now know you that this person is trying to hurt you and something needs to be down to ensure your safety. This is where the attacker needs to be disabled so they can no longer pursue you. By either putting them out cold or disabling one of their legs. Whatever is necessary to possibly save your life.
  3. After your opponent is disabled you are free to safely leave the scene.

Being confronted can be a very frightening and life changing moment for many people. But of course the best self-defense is to not get into an altercation at all. I have a Jiu Jitsu Instructor who always states ” If the person has a knife and wants your wallet, GIVE IT TO HIM“. Avoiding confrontation is the best self-defense out there and don’t let anyone else to you otherwise.

Do you have any Self Defense Tips, if so please add them below in the comments!


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