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3 Quick Ways To Start Your Judo Training

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Last time we discussed Judo training methods it was from an instructors viewpoint.  However, now we wanted to cover it from a students perspective.  This post will help if you have questions like:

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  • How do I begin my training in Judo?

Judo is a martial arts style that utilizes chokes, joint locks, and throws to get the better of the opponent. It has exploded in popularity with the recent rise of Ronda Rousey in the UFC. The skills she uses inside the Octagon are all based in Judo.  She learned Judo from the time she could walk so to get to that level can take many years and you must focus on doing the right type of training.  The learner of this martial art has to practice extensively and do exercises for physical conditioning so that the body becomes strong.

judo-trainingGiven below are 3 important judo training methods that the learner must follow:

1. Exercises For Body Weight – When the body does not get enough exercise, its endurance level decreases. Judo requires high muscular endurance, and this can be achieved by doing various exercises for body weight.
These exercises will increase muscle endurance and result in low fatigue. When doing these exercises, emphasis should be on frequent repetitions with very short resting period.

This martial art uses the following form of unique pushups:

  • Uchi Mata Pushup – To do this pushup, lift the right leg up and then, lower the chest so that it is parallel to the floor. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Scorpion Pushup – To do this pushup, lift left leg and twist it above the right leg so that it touches the floor.

These exercises are just warm up exercises so that the body is ready when the intense training starts.

judo-training-methods2. Partner Exercises – Enhancing endurance is only one part of the judo training methods. Another part involves increasing strength and intense practice. But, strength training for judo is done using partners. The student needs a partner for practicing throws and developing strength.

One of the important strength training exercises is turtle lift. To do this the partner must kneel so that his body looks like a ball. The student will take position by standing with his feet placed on both sides of his hips, as if straddling him, but in a standing position. He will then lift his rolled up partner off the ground and then, place him back gently. Both the partners will change positions.

This exercise makes the maximum use of legs to strengthen them and avoids straining the lower back.

3. Sparring – This is one of the important methods for developing judo skills as it conditions the cardiovascular system and enhances strength. Sparring usually becomes intense and therefore, the partners must exercise restraint so that there is no injury. The opponents participating in this exercise agree on the techniques before they start and take turns with the various techniques. Sparring involves practicing with a stronger and bigger opponent so that the student can develop strength.

These are the top 3 judo training methods for all beginners. As the student learns various techniques and become well-versed, he advances to higher levels.

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