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UFC Fighter John Dodson Gives Bullying A Black Eye!

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john-dodson-kicksThe hard nosed UFC fighter John Dodson is not only focused on beating up guys inside the cage but also beating up bullies outside of it.

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When I was in high school, it was my freshman year, and I was a new kid at a new school,” Dodson said. “I didn’t know anybody, but I was just as happy as I am now. Everyone else just took it as me being a cocky or arrogant person. They wanted to try and set an example and try and put me in my place, but I never changed my attitude and never changed who I was.

Dodson said his personality which is outgoing, has gotten him into trouble when it comes to bullies.  He said that a lot of bullies took his personality as cocky and sometimes even arrogant but that was far from the truth.  This attitude helped him diffuse the situation by not getting angry.  Dodson said if you get angry at them you are playing their game.  So, he focused on overcoming the anger with comedy by telling a joke or giving them a hug.  What could you do as a bully you had to smirk and laugh!

Dodson says he is also staying busy in the gym with his MMA training.  But, outside of the gym he love getting out his anti-bullying message.


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