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UFC: All-Time Richest Fighters

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In the UFC and MMA, professional fighters earn income from the promotion they fight for, which is usually called their show money, win bonus, and other post-fight bonuses offered by the promotion. UFC Fighters also make considerable money from sponsorships with only needing to place that company’s logo on their fight gear or walkout poster and from pay-per-view bonuses. The latter figures aren’t readily available to the media, but the salaries that these UFC fighters make with each fight is.

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Who are the top five richest UFC fighters in history and what is their record inside the Octagon?

UFC Fighter: Chuck Liddell1. Chuck Liddell, $4,320,000

Also known as “The Iceman,” Liddell is one of the most respected fighters in UFC history and one of the key fighters that can be thanked for the revival of the sport. In his UFC career, Liddell went 16-7, including four successful title defenses of the UFC light heavyweight title from 2005 through 2006. Liddell retired from the sport in 2010 after losing his third straight fight and five out of his last six.

UFC Fighter: Tito Ortiz2. Tito Ortiz, $4,075,000

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” finished his MMA career with a 15-11-1 record and an overall 16-11-1 mark. Ortiz was the light heavyweight champion after defeating Wanderlei Silva at UFC 25 and defended the title on five occasions before dropping the title to Randy Couture. Ortiz could be one of the UFC fighters who has won the most amount of money in UFC history, but athletic commissions did not start requiring the release of salaries until UFC 46. Prior to that event, Ortiz had 12 fights in UFC history.

UFC Fighter: Georges St. Pierre3. Georges St-Pierre, $3,972,000

The current welterweight champion is one of the best pound-for-pound UFC fighters in the sport and has won 11 straight fights. Throughout his career, St-Pierre has gone 18-2 in UFC history with his only losses coming to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. The Canadian fighter doesn’t talk much, but he was able to avenge those losses in convincing fashion later in his career.

UFC Fighter: Quinton Jackson4. Quinton Jackson, $3,490,000

Jackson was just 7-5 before deciding with Dana White the President of the UFC that he wasn’t going back to the promotion. Jackson came to the promotion as one of the most heralded fighters from PRIDE and throughout the early part of his career, lived up to the hype. He finished his run with the promotion with a three-fight losing streak and losses in four of his last six fights.

UFC Fighter: Michael Bisping5. Michael Bisping, $3,410,000

The former winner of “The Ultimate Fighter,” Bisping has been on the receiving end of some of the largest paydays in the promotion. He has a 23-5 career record, including 13-5 throughout UFC history. He has been on the verge of a title shot in the middleweight on several occasions, but has suffered losses each time, first to Dan Henderson, and then again to both Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort.

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