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Joe Rogan Chimes Into MMA NY Legal Battle

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It is almost hilarious how much New York is behind the time when it comes to MMA.  What are they trying to prove?..  It’s getting absurd

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With MMA being legal in every single state of the U.S. and all of Canada New York will be the final domino to fall and they are still standing firm.

twitter-legal-mmaEven Joe Rogan threw some comment at the argument a while back with tweet eloquently explaining how asinine New York is being (see image included in post). Rogan stated, “MMA is now legal in all of Canada and in every state EXCEPT for NY. HOW GROSS.”

Another blog I keep a close eye on when it comes to New York legalizing MMA is NY MMA Now.  NY MMA Now is a coalition working to make MMA legalized in New York.

Just today they posted a post saying, “Most following this blog are probably well aware by now that Speaker Sheldon Silver once again blocked NY MMA legislation from being voted upon on the Assembly floor.“  They went on to say that, “So, New York now has the dubious honor of being the only place in North American where pro MMA is banned.

NY MMA Now also threw in a little jab at Silver, “Thanks for nothing Sheldon; your ridiculous partisanship and corruptibility has once again trampled the will of the majority in the Assembly as well as a majority of New York’s voters. The democratic process is dead in Silver’s Assembly.

The worse part about this is the burden this puts on the fighters who live in New York.  Although they live in a state that would have an incredible fan base they have to go out of state just to fight.  A lot of these fighters don’t fight for the UFC and even make enough money to cover their costs.

New York has a rich tradition when it comes to boxing and they even have an avid fan base for Muay Thai fights which is legal, so come on New York Lett’em Fight!

Is New York ever going to get over it and join the rest of the states, comment below…



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