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How Long Will It Take For Me To Get My Black Belt?

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One of the most popular questions questions on the topic of Tae Kwon Do we get at The MMA Zone is, “how long will it take for me to get my black belt“?

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One important factor to keep in mind that you will need to dramatically improve your flexibility, strength, and mental focus through your Taekwondo training in order to obtain your goal of 5th-degree black belt. You will be very skilled at board breaking, harder kicks, live sparring, and a better puncher.

5th degree black beltMany beginning Taekwondo students don’t make it past white built much less to a black belt.  One of my previous instructors and mentors who was a 5th-degree black belt said, said not to focus on the color of the belt but the understanding and lessons that come with them.  This has always made a lot of understanding.  Don’t chase after a specific belt that happens to be black focus on getting better each class.

If you doing forms then do the best forms you can do on that day.  If it is sparring then spar the absolute best you can do that day that is the way of the black belt.  Without a doubt it takes years of Taekwondo training in order to get a black belt but everyday you can train like one, just do your absolute best and nothing less.

One example of this philosophy is when doing one steps make sure you focus and concentrate on the reason and purpose of every movement you perform.  Make the person you are practicing with an actual attacker and act as if you are in the back alley.

If you do this day in and day out you will one day understand the purpose and meaning behind every movement and why you are doing them.  If you have hesitation or a question about a movement then make sure to ask your Tae kwon do instructor.


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. joe nawrozki Says:

    Nice open discussions. Let me start by saying no single style is superior to another and a true martial artist embraces the fact he/she never stops learming. I’ve devoted a major portion of my life to taekwondo – earning my blue belt (sewn-up lengths of a medic tunic, dobuk ‘tailored’ from some army sheets) while serving with the ROK Tiger Div. in the Vietnam War, ’66-’67. Home, I raised my family, was a reporter in print journalism and all along the way studied, trained and competed. At 69, retired, I am founder/chief instructor for a county program with about 45 children/teen/adult students and a talented cadre of black belts loyal to the art/sport, to me – and vice versa…students ranging from naturally-gifted athletes to our special needs children. I hold 5th dan master rank (WTF) and have been recommended by Maryland leadership for skip to 7th. My students are more important than myself…I have a tremendous privilege and platform to teach, mentor, change lives;, to show kids they don’t have to ‘be a man’…win, win at all costs…instead, have respect for themselves, their families and young ladies who can be just as good, or better, than them in the dojang. I believe in the paradox of this art, that change trickles in…but if someone makes time a more serious consideration (now I don’t know the context here; as a 9-yr-old kid I wanted to be in the starting rotation with Sandy Koufax) then the journey becomes secondary…the discoveries missed, detailed repetitons avoided in training, challenges, humility, spirit…ultimately, is this more serious than a curve ball, God forbid. A 5th dan – rightly earned – is a delicious, lofty mountain top, the clock a blindfold. Yes, there was a time when a question like ‘how long?’ was disrespectful…but change is good, inevitable…isn’t it? Thank you. Master Joe Nawrozki Bel Air MD 410-420-0379

  2. Tony Hackerott Says:

    Hi Joe, sorry for note getting this approved until now it was marked as spam but when I read it I realized this is not a spammy comment. You make some very valid points and I really like the way you explain this!

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