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I Swallowed A Pill Called Taekwondo, Would You?

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“If there was a pill that would allow you to improve your skills in sports including; reaction time, ability, quickness, power, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility with absolutely no downside would you take it?”

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Taekwondo SchoolI know I would be the first one in line to swallow it and start reaping those awesome athletic benefits.

“What if I told you that it wasn’t actually a pill but another type of training, would you still be interested?”

The truth is: there is actually a school that is likely right in your own home town that can give you all these skills and even more…  It is called Taekwondo.

The popular martial arts discipline known as Taekwondo has been around even before the 6th century.  I taught it’s students unarmed self defense and combat through the development of strength, speed, and survival skills.  The smallest dynasty in Japan was under constant attack from the larger dynasties.  They leveled the playing field by teaching their citizens skills which later became known as Taekwondo.

Without going into a lot of detail this was the saving grace for the small Silla Dynasty.   “Don’t you think that it might know a thing or two about developing strength, speed, and survival skills?”

I grew up in a small town so I didn’t have the opportunity to access a Taekwondo school when I was in high school, but I would have been twice the athlete in football basketball, and even Golf if I only had been in Taekwondo.

However, let me back up a bit to when I was a young kid about 7 or 8 we lived in a bigger city at the time I bugged my parents until they finally enrolled me into the local Taekwondo school.  I loved it!

A few months later we ended up moving away to a smaller town like I mentioned before so that was the end of my Taekwondo career for a while.  However, if I had been able to stay in Taekwondo class and grow in the sport I would have been a much better athlete.

The skills that Taekwondo teaches are the exact same skills we take to the court, field, and track but only heightened through this discipline.  It not only will help increase your flexibility through continuous stretching but will also increase your focus and ability to hit the target.

So, join your local Taekwondo school and start getting the benefits in other sports that you are involved in as well.  You will quickly see your skills accelerate in the other sports you participate because of this and then come back and let us know your store here at The MMA Zone.

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