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The MMA Zone Online Martial Arts Award voting group is made up of 12 top experts in the Martial Arts Industry. So, if you see a site has an award you can be sure it is a quality martial arts site with clean content. The website winners must receive a unanimous vote to be accepted.

Octagon Buzz This is an awesome MMA blog!  The Octagon Buzz has some of the best well written up to date MMA news on the web.  If you are looking for a quality site to get your MMA news then check out Octagon Buzz.
Self Defense 4 Women This is an outstanding well written blog on an excellent topic that every woman can get something from. From a women’s intuition to car security if it is about your personal safety it is covered in this site. Don’t let the title scare you guys, it is also a good read for the male population!
Combat Sport Psychology The sports psychology topic in MMA is not an easy topic to write about but Dr. Borum does an incredible job. This site gives functional tips on how to apply sports psychology to take your training and MMA to attain your top level.
My Self Defense Blog My Self Defense Blog is a site that goes into the depths in the topics of self defense, traditional martial arts, and even MMA. John, does a fantastic job of writing insightful ideas mixed with humor in getting you to look at these issues in a different way.
Martial Arts Books Martial Art Book is your open book to learning on the topic of MMA training including; articles, videos, and instructions.
Jiu-Jitsu Sensei This blog is a record of training & teaching experiences in the martial arts. The author holds a 4th degree black belt in Can-ryu Jiu-jitsu and runs their own dojo. They also do extra training in other martial arts to keep their skills sharp & add to their knowledge.
SlideyFoot BJJResources This blog began as a record of BJJ training for Can Sonmez who wrote after class in order to remember techniques.  However, this has blog has exploded into a tremendous resource and learning for anyone in BJJ and MMA.  It is also a fantastic site if you are looking for honest reviews of Jiu Jitsu equipment.
Imabari Nipponkenpo This blog began in 2007 is focused on teaching the arts to kids.  This is a terrific resource for learning art as the kids.  Note: You will need to translate but it is worth it!
The Things Worth Believing In This thought provoking blog has a great style that brings you in taps your inner “warrior”.  This site has a terrific active following and a forum for discussion.
Cloud Hands This blog focuses on sharing observations, ideas, practices, and research into the Chinese internal martial art of Taijiquan, Chi Kung, and fitness.
Chinese Folktales This high quality blog actually translates each Chinese folktales, myths, and legend. These are intriguing, full of knowledge, and entertaining. So, check this blog out yo will be glad you did.
MMA Forte MMA Forte is written by Jeremy Green who shares the top MMA news in the industry. Check out his site for a great insight into the world of mixed martial arts and the UFC.

We are going to give an excellence award and online martial arts award on the sites we feel bring value to the web on the topic of the martial arts.

We Want to Reward the Top Martial Arts Sites on the Web!

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Online Martial Arts Award Reviews, Evaluates, and Rewards the top martialarts related websites on the Internet.

If you know of a great martial arts self-defense related website, please feel free to nominate it below for The MMA Zone Online Martial Arts Award and we’ll take a look at it further.

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In order to display one of our prestigious awards on your martial arts site, the site must qualify in ALL of the following categories:

1. The MMA Zone committee is made up with 12 of the top experts in the martial arts industry.

2. The site you nominate MUST be within the topic of the martial arts.

3. The site you nominate must add value to the visitors of the site as well as the martial arts community.

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