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Gary Vaynerchuk Explains “How Entrepreneurs & MMA Fighters Are Similar”

Posted on 01 July 2013 by Tony Hackerott

There was a brilliant article written on Linkedin by Gary Vaynerchuk the CEO of Vayner Media who specializes in Social Media strategies and tactics.

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BJJ Vs. Judo for MMA – One Practitioners Opinion

Posted on 25 March 2012 by Mike Long

Written by: Mike Long

Ask 10 MMA enthusiasts what the best grappling art for MMA is and chances are you’ll hear BJJ 10 times. Ask 100 and you might hear Judo once or twice.

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Do Southpaw MMA Fighters Have An Advantage?

Posted on 07 January 2012 by Jillian Bullock

By Jillian Bullock

Although several MMA fighters, including Vitor Belfort, Kenny Florian, Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin, Chris Leban, Cung Le, and Nick Diaz, fight as southpaws some of these guys were born a lefty and some are “deliberate southpaws.” They taught themselves to fight as southpaws because they found it to be an advantage to their mixed martial arts career.

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The Perfect MMA Fighter

Posted on 02 December 2011 by Jillian Bullock

By Jillian Bullock

When people look at MMA champions Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones or Anderson Silva, many MMA fans, commentators and reporters believe they are pound-for-pound the greatest mixed martial arts fighters in their division. Many also believe that since they are superbly dominant as fighters and they have the ability to go through each opponent who stands before them that there are no other MMA fighters who can actually beat these amazingly talented warriors during a bout.

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MMA Training: Mental Preparation For A Fight

Posted on 20 October 2011 by Jillian Bullock

Written By: Jillian Bullock

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Get the Best MMA Training From The Best MMA School

Posted on 05 August 2011 by Tony Hackerott

When a student is looking for MMA training to take them to the next level, whether they are starting out or have already been in the cage, a good place to begin is the search engines. The internet provides a great way to find your local MMA schools, and gives you an up-front idea of what they will be like. It may also be possible to read school reviews.

Most of the MMA school websites will give you information about their instructors on a “about the instructor” page. This will give you an idea of the background and accolades associated with your potential future trainers. The majority of these pages will also have information about assistant trainers, or junior instructors.

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How to Learn Muay Thai

Posted on 26 May 2011 by Tony Hackerott

How to learn Muay Thai

How to learn Muay Thai

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MMA Training Tip – Ground and Pound Training

Posted on 20 May 2011 by Tony Hackerott

Intermediate ground and pound workout Integrate this workout into your training program to improve technique and increase your cardio.

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