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MMA Diet & Nutrition Tips

Posted on 29 November 2011 by Dennis Fratella

By Dennis Fratella

We all know ways to cut for a fight. Whether that is an easy way, hard way, as long as you weigh in at what you’re fighting at, that’s the ideal goal for fighting. Right? Not so much.

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Best MMA Equipment For Fighters

Posted on 11 November 2011 by Jillian Bullock

By Jillian Bullock

When it comes to MMA training to become a top notch fighter the old way of training has become obsolete. Utilizing only basic weights, treadmills and elliptical machines have become old school. To build optimal strength and conditioning, along with the skills necessary to excl in Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, boxing and grappling, mixed martial artists must always look for new and different forms of exercises and equipment to aid their training skills and help them reach the next level in their fight career.

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Key Factors In Proper Nutrition For MMA Fighters

Posted on 02 November 2011 by Jillian Bullock

By Jillian Bullock

There’s no denying that mixed martial arts fighters, males and females, are some of the toughest athletes in the world. When they prepare for a match it’s like they are going to war. To match the intensity their body will have to endure to prepare for a fight most MMA practitioners also realize that nutrition is a vital part of their training process and proper foods, along with vitamins and supplements, will help repair muscles, strengthen joints, reduce injuries and illness, and help them with recovery.

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MMA Training: Mental Preparation For A Fight

Posted on 20 October 2011 by Jillian Bullock

Written By: Jillian Bullock

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For The MMA Beginner Guide: Gym, Training, and MMA Gear

Posted on 08 October 2011 by Tony Hackerott

It’s amazing to think that MMA was just a baby 10 years ago. MMA has moved from a little-known sport to a billion-dollar industry. The roots of this exploding sport is found in Brazil’s Vale Tudo and Japan’s Shoot-fighting. When the Ultimate Fighting Championships came on the scene in the early 90s, spectators got to witness fighters from different styles competing with no time-limits, no weight classes, and almost no rules. Since then, the UFC has risen to the top as the premiere organization in the sport. Rounds, referees, and safety rules have been created to make MMA a safe and legitimate combat sport.

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The Paleo Diet: MMA Meal Planning

Posted on 26 September 2011 by Tony Hackerott

Guest Post From: Sean Kennedy

In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. This old adage has a lot of truth to it, but the truth is: in order to be the best, you have to train better than the best. The only way to train to your full potential is by eating right. You need to have a diet that is lean, healthy, and will allow you to compete successfully. MMA fighting is a very competitive sport, so anyone who hopes to succeed will need to have a diet that gives that person a fighting edge.

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Only For Advanced Muay Thai Students

Posted on 13 September 2011 by Tony Hackerott

The big martial art (non-traditional martial arts) about 5 years ago was Kickboxing, but now that excitement has move to the style of Muay Thai. In fact, many people are now trying out Muay Thai as part of their fitness training routine. It’s probably the most physically demanding type of workout and you will ever have and you will definitely get into shape and stay in shape as long as you continue with Muay Thai.

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MMA Training Gives You The Ultimate Fitness!

Posted on 06 September 2011 by Tony Hackerott

MMA training has quickly gained popularity as a sport as well as an a fitness activity taken up by a countless number of people throughout the world. The complete physical combat activities which involves just about ever muscle in the body is as close to a complete body workout as you can come. With the grappling and striking techniques there are an endless number of variations you can add to your routines to keep things fresh and new. As its name suggests, MMA is comprised of various martial arts including; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Karate. So, let’s take a quick look into why everyone is picking MMA up in order to become a fighter or just to get into better shape.

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Get the Best MMA Training From The Best MMA School

Posted on 05 August 2011 by Tony Hackerott

When a student is looking for MMA training to take them to the next level, whether they are starting out or have already been in the cage, a good place to begin is the search engines. The internet provides a great way to find your local MMA schools, and gives you an up-front idea of what they will be like. It may also be possible to read school reviews.

Most of the MMA school websites will give you information about their instructors on a “about the instructor” page. This will give you an idea of the background and accolades associated with your potential future trainers. The majority of these pages will also have information about assistant trainers, or junior instructors.

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PowerLifting For MMA

Posted on 31 July 2011 by Tony Hackerott

A fantastic way to gain strength for MMA is through the use of power lifting.    Now, what exactly are some general recommendations to follow along with when considering how strong you ought to be for your MMA career?

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